Benjamin Aaron recently wrote and published a new book for the handcrafted soapmakers industry. It is all about how to wholesale handcrafted soap! Benjamin built up his small family soapmaking business and even though he had a retail storefront, his main income came from his wholesale empire. He wholesaled to stores such as Whole Foods, Hy-Vee, Natural Grocers and other major retailers.

I helped to edit this book and was so excited that he wrote it! I get emails from soapers every week about how to price products, how to create a wholesale catalog and just in general, how to sell their soap and make money.

benjamin soap

This book answers those questions. He also shares lessons he learned, mistakes he made and his personal story on how he built Prairie Soap Company’s wholesale business.

If you are a soapmaker and are wondering how to price your products, figuring out the exact cost, this book is for you.

You can get the eBook from Lovin’ Soap here or you can purchase it directly from Benjamin (eBook or printed version) here.

benjamin wholesale soap

And the best thing about Benjamin? If you buy his book and have ANY questions about what you’ve read…give him a call or email and he’ll be glad to better explain or expand upon any of the ideas from the book.

You won’t regret purchasing this. I am so glad that we have this resource in our industry.

About this Book

This book is specifically written for handcrafted soapmakers who are ready to take their small business to the broader marketplace. From the power of goal setting to breaking down your true manufacturing costs to designing an effective wholesale catalog, How to Wholesale Your Handcrafted Soap takes the mystery (and fear) out of the wholesaling process, step by step.

Chapters Include

  • Ch 1: Let’s Talk About Goals
  • Ch 2: What is Wholesale?
  • Ch 3: Branding/Rebranding
  • Ch 4: Market Research
  • Ch 5: UPC Barcodes
  • Ch 6: Know Your Costs. Know Your Price.
  • Ch 7: Paperwork
  • Ch 8: Logistics
  • Ch 9: Selling
  • Ch 10: Aftermarketing
  • Ch 11: Build Relationships. Define Success
  • About the Author
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Resources

About the Author

Benjamin Aaron started his entrepreneurial path in the handcrafted soapmaking industry at the age of 24 and grew his family company into the established marketplace through successfully wholesaling soap and bodycare products to nationally recognized chain retail outlets across the country. His first business, Prairie Soap Company, LLC, handcrafted, sold, wholesaled and taught soapmaking classes from a brick and mortar store in a vibrant retail shopping center located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. His educational endeavors through classes and workshops led him to connect with a growing number of soap and bodycare handcrafters who are looking to take their kitchen hobby to the next level.