Hello All!


When Benjamin sent me his essential oil blends to format into an eBook, I somehow fudged two of the blends. Fir Needle & Mint was labeled as Lime Basil. Woopsies! Below are the corrected blends.

Fir Need & Mint

  • Spearmint                    30%
  • Lavender                      30%
  • Peppermint                  25%
  • Fir Needle                   15%

Lime Basil

  • Lime                            85%
  • Basil                            15%

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These 75 essential oil blends for cold-process soap are Prairie Soap Company’s best sellers. Over the course of 10 years, these soap scent blends found their way to homes across the country through our retail, wholesale, and online presence. From the very bright and simple to the deep and complex, these blends comprise hours of study, trial and error. These 75 blends were crafted week after week, month after month. I hope you enjoy!

-Benjamin Aaron

Thanks to those who so sweetly pointed out the error. 🙂