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Marketing can be hard! There are so many types of marketing strategies…social media marketing, email marketing, blog marketing, webinar marketing…etc. And let’s not forget more traditional marketing strategies such as advertising through your local chamber of commerce or neighborhood association. There are also ways that you can market through media such as your local TV news or even online through Help A Reporter Out submissions (Don’t know what that is? We’ll talk about it!).

This eBook gives at least 60+ ideas to help you get your creative marketing juices flowing.

We’ll talk a bit about branding and targeting your ideal client and how these two topics greatly influence where and how you should market.

I polled 100+ soap maker business owners to get their input on what marketing means to them, what things they’ve tried and what creative marketing ideas they have. In the eBook, I share their feedback and thoughts!

Here is what this book will discuss.

What is marketing?
Your brand. Are you ready to market?
Your ideal customer.
Marketing on social media.
25 social media post ideas.
Batching and automating your social media.
Using a blog to market to your ideal customer.
Blog post ideas.
Email marketing. Building your list and creating content.
Email content ideas.
60+ out of the box marketing ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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