I love working with natural colorants in soap. I use spices, herbs, clay, liquid alternatives, such as carrot juice, pumpkin puree…etc. There are so many options! I made several natural cupcake soaps with goat milk recently and wanted to put together a gallery of them to provide inspiration if you’re looking for color or color combo ideas for tops and bottoms. I used the milk-in-oil method to create a really light colored goat milk soap, so that the colors would show through well. The natural colorants were added directly and not infused.

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If you’d like the exact recipe for each cupcake soap, you can find this mini bonus eBook FREE with the purchase of Goat Milk Soapmaking. I simply give the recipe, but don’t instruct on how to pipe. So, if you need piping help, grab Piping Perfection!

I hope these cupcakes inspire you! Enjoy!

Top: Madder Root Powder | Bottom: Red Clay and Zinc Oxide
Top: Green Indigo Powder – Crushed Mint Leave Sprinkles | Bottom: Crushed Mint Leaves
Top: Ground Oatmeal | Bottom: Yellow Clay
Top: Olive Leaf Powder – Calendula Sprinkles | Bottom: Charcoal
Top: Ratanjot with Calendula Sprinkles | Bottom: Turmeric Powder
Top: Rhassoul Clay | Bottom: Turmeric
Top: Rose Clay and Red Salt Sprinkle | Bottom: Sea Clay and Coconut Shell Powder
Top: Paprika | Bottom: Charcoal
Top: Sea Clay with Rose Petal Sprinkles | Bottom: French Green Clay, Olive Leaf
Powder and Charcoal
Top: Yellow Clay | Bottom: Madder Root Powder