Soap Making Techniques for the Master Artisan!

While the fundamentals of soap making are pretty straightforward, the real fun comes in when you’re ready to experiment with new techniques!

This curated collection of our favorite soap making eBooks and eCourses will take your soap from basic to stunning. From luxurious spa and bath products to decadent swirls and piping techniques, Lovin’ Soap Studio has everything you need to master new soap making techniques, expand your soap making knowledge, and formulate and design unique soap masterpieces!

The Ultimate DIY Spa Day

Handcrafted soap is all about the senses. From the invigorating sensation of an exfoliating salt bar, to the tantalizing aroma and luxurious feel of a silky-smooth goat milk bar, there’s a perfect combination for every skin type.

Learn to make your own emulsified scrubs, salt bars, lotion and bath bombs to create a spa-like atmosphere in your home!

Tantalizing scents and luxurious bath products your whole family will love. Save time and money with essential oil blends ranging from bright and simple to deep and complex. We know you’ll find a new favorite!

Bring Out Your Inner Soap Making Artist

Soap making is magical! The alchemy of aromas and skin-soothing oils to create something with your own two hands is immensely satisfying. Soap making is truly an art form.

Combining colors and creating intricately swirled and designed soap is a uniquely personal experience. As soap makers, we love seeing the smile on someone’s face when they pick up a bar of soap we’ve made, take in the aroma, and examine the beautiful design.

Soap making is a gift!

Recipes and Essential Oil Blends for Days

You’ll never run out of recipe combinations or essential oil blends with top of the industry eBooks from Lovin’ Soap Studio!

Representing 130+ soap making recipes and 179+ essential oil blends, these carefully refined, tried-and-true recipes and blends are palm-free and scented with a wide variety essential oils.

Quick and Easy Soap Band Labels!

Wrap your soap in style with the Soap Label Vault, exclusively from Lovin’ Soap Studio! This quick and easy soap band label solution is perfect for creating your own, custom soap labels. With more than 89 aesthetically pleasing label templates, design tutorials and helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to creating exceptional labels for your handcrafted soap.

Check out the Soap Label Vault here!

$aving Time and Money

Soapmaking is More Fun with Friends!

Not everyone understands the time, energy and passion that goes into soap making, but we do!

Join our Saponification Nation Facebook Group to find new soapy friends, share inspiring photos of your own soap creations, and gain valuable tips and soap making techniques! This group is designed for soap makers of all levels!

If you are a soap business owner or are aspiring to be one, also check out our NEW Facebook group, Online Marketing for Soap Makers, geared towards online marketing for soap makers. We discuss creating a website, blogging, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, FB ads…and more!

Ready to Go All In?

You can purchase all of these incredible soapmaking resources individually, or get access to ALL of our eBooks and eClasses for a low monthly fee, through our new membership!

Choose your membership track so you get access to exactly the content you need for where you’re at on your soapmaking journey.

Our Maker Membership includes all of our eBooks and eClasses that teach you how to make products! This includes cold process soap, liquid soap, clear transparent soap, lotion/creams, emulsified scrubs, dual lye shave soap…and more!

You’ll also learn design techniques such as swirling soap and piping soap. Our formulating course will have you creating your own unique soap recipes.

With our Business Membership, you’ll receive everything in the Maker Membership plus…

Learn all about creating your e-commerce website, starting a wholesale program, pricing your products, marketing your products and teaching classes to add an additional revenue stream. You’ll go from hobby to business in no time!

You’ll also receive access to Soap. Brand. Launch., our signature 16-module business course, where you’ll learn the process of setting up your business from scratch. From your fundamental business idea to launching your brand, you’ll learn every step to take to create an authentic and life-changing business!