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Basic Cold Process Soapmaking eCourse

Learn to make cold processes soap from the comfort of your own home! This basic series goes over lye safety, making a lye solution, preparing your oils, emulsifying and mixing your soap, molding and cutting and curing. You’ll be able to successfully make a batch of soap!

Creating and Using Soap Dough

Create adorable embeds and embellishments for your cold process soap creations!

Goat Milk Soap Making eClass

Create skin-loving decadent goat milk soap using farm-fresh goats milk!

Goat milk soap is decadent, with a lotion-like lather! It is one of my favorite types of soap to make. Milk contains natural sugar, which can boost lather and create a super-sudsy bar of soap. This natural sugar can also cause your soap to discolor and heat-up, causing all sorts of issues. I’ll show you how to dodge these issues and create a soap that is light and creamy in color. Avoid over-heating and soap volcanoes with the knowledge in this course.

Swirling Success: Controlling Trace for Intricate Soap Designs

Learn to control trace, use colorants and create four amazing loaf mold soap designs! Take the frustration out of creating beautiful swirled soap with the Swirling Success: Controlling Trace for Intricate Soap Designs eClass! This class has everything you need to make decadent swirled soaps! Walk through an introduction to the basic equipment, ingredients and swirling tools to create four gorgeous designs including Wall Pour, Tiger Stripe, Spoon Swirl, and Drop Swirl.

Heat Transfer Soap Making Method eClass

Looking to streamline your soapmaking process, allowing you to make bigger batches of soap, more quickly and efficiently? Well, look no further!

In the Heat Transfer Soap Making Method eClass, Amanda Aaron outlines how to use the heat of the lye to melt your oils, reducing your wait time to zero!

  • No need to melt your oils in advance.
  • No wait time for your lye solution to cool.
  • No wait time for your melted oils to cool.

Not only do you save time, but this method scales easily for higher soap production. 4 lbs, 10 lbs, 20 lbs, no problem! The Heat Transfer Soap Making Method provides a streamlined process for making larger batches of cold process soap in less time.

Piping Perfection: Piping Cold Process Soap

Learn to pipe cold process soap! I’ll walk you through creating the perfect piping recipe and show you how to pipe on cupcakes and loaves of soap. We’ll go over the perfect piping tips and I’ll show you several different cupcake looks.

Basic Lotion Making Video eClass

Confidently formulate and make your own lotions and creams! Finding a store-bought lotion that suits your needs can be challenging – and expensive! In the Basic Lotion eClass, Amanda Aaron walks you through the process of customizing and making your very own lotion.

Prefer a heavy cream? How about a light facial lotion? This eClass has everything you’ll need to customize and formulate a lotion that’s just right for you!

Emulsified Scrubs Video eClass

Learn to confidently formulate your own enticing emulsified scrubs in just over an hour! Many oil-based and standard scrubs create a dangerous oil slick in the shower. In the Emulsified Scrubs video tutorial, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions for making your own scrub that emulsifies with your water, allowing the scrub to easily wash away without leaving an oil slick behind!

You’ll even learn to customize your emulsified scrub with select oils, butters, exfoliants and scent to make it uniquely yours.

Shave Soap Masterclass Video eClass

Don’t let the dual lye shave soap process intimidate you! Learn how easy it is to make fantastic shave soap the men in your life will love. In Amanda Aaron’s Shave Soap Masterclass eClass, you’ll learn to make a batch of shave soap with a creamy, stable lather in less than 30 minutes. In her signature easy-to-follow style, Amanda walks you through how to make two shave soaps; one quick hot process method and one regular hot process dual lye.

After this class, you will be able to confidently formulate your own shave soap recipes. Guaranteed!

Learn to Formulate Cold Process Soap Recipes Video eClass

Take the guesswork out of formulating your own cold process soap recipes!  Have you ever tried a soap recipe that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to? Maybe you wished it was more moisturizing or had a creamier lather.

When you understand the art-form of formulating your own soap recipes, you’ll be able to adjust existing recipes for many different outcomes! In the Learn to Formulate Cold Process Soap Recipe eClass, soapmaking instructor, Amanda Aaron, outlines everything you need to know to confidently formulate your own soap recipes that actually produce a product you can be proud of!

Clear Transparent Soap from Scratch eClass

Create crystal clear transparent soap in a matter of minutes! If you’ve tried your hand at making clear transparent soap in the past, you know the traditional methods of transparent soapmaking are complicated and time consuming.

In the Clear Transparent Soap from Scratch eClass, Amanda Aaron teaches a unique process that takes only 20-minutes from start to finish. The end result is transparent soap that has the clarity you desire.

Take your transparent soapmaking to a whole new level with these 5 Video Lessons on:

  • Quick Transparent Soap ingredients, equipment and formulating techniques
  • Quick Transparent Soap Basic Process
  • Remelting and using your clear base to create beautiful bars of soap
  • Learn how to use alcohol to create layered soap
  • Combine transparent soap and cold process soap to create wonderfully unique soap creations

Liquid Soap Making eCourse

Confidently formulate and make your own liquid soap! Most liquid soapmaking books and processes are complicated and hard to understand. As a result, many soapmakers shy away from attempting to make their own liquid soap.

In the Liquid Soapmaking eClass, Amanda Aaron simplifies the process, breaking it down into an easy to follow, step-by-step method that is easily replicated.

Gain the confidence to make your own liquid soap to use as a stand-alone product or as a base for DIY natural cleaning products!

Maker eBooks

Aside from the amazing courses above, you’ll receive the following Maker eBooks!

  • NEW! – Essential Oil Blending Guide
  • NEW! – Seven Salt Soaps for the Face
  • NEW! – 10 Goat Milk Soap Cupcake Recipes
  • Soapmaking Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting by Amanda Aaron
  • Goat Milk Soapmaking by Amanda Aaron
  • Making Salt Bars by Amanda Aaron
  • Fun in the Tub: Creating Bath Bombs, Solid Bubble Bath, Bubble Frosting and Bubble Scoops by Amanda Aaron
  • 10 Holiday Inspired Cold Process Soap Projects by Amanda Aaron
  • Valentine Soap Making Guide by Amanda Aaron
  • Lovin’ Soap Studio Cold Process Soap Recipe eBook by Amanda Aaron
  • Cold Process Soap Recipes by Benjamin Aaron
  • How to Color Cold Process Soap by Amanda Aaron
  • Master-Batching Lye and Oils for Soapmaking by Amanda Aaron
  • How to Make Silicone Loaf and Block Molds by Amanda Aaron
  • Essential Oil Blends for Handcrafted Soap by Benjamin Aaron
  • Essential Oil Blends for Men by Benjamin Aaron
  • Men’s Grooming Recipe Book by Benjamin Aaron

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