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Research shows that most startups don’t invest enough resources and energy into their own strengths, values, and passions, because of the distractions that buries what they instinctively know but cannot harness. This is why having a coach is so important.

“Benjamin’s coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself personally and for my business. Not only did he give me functional tools and resources to consider, I came away from each call feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to work. Benjamin manages the right balance between philosophical and practical. He encouraged me to think big and take sizable actions for my business, and therefore, for my life. Each meeting concluded with action steps / homework, which gave me clear direction to move forward. The calls motivated me to be accountable to do the things I said I would do. Before meeting with Benjamin, I had “wants” for the future, I now have expectations based on the clear vision he helped me to develop for my soap company and for my life.”

~ Shannon Brown, Pipit & Finch

Life coaching and business mentoring is one of the most fundamental actions the most successful people in the world continually engage in. Every successful business owner has a mentor and accountability partner.

“Thank you, Benjamin, for your wonderful coaching skills. I’d tried coaching with others in the past but what you taught me was solid and invaluable and helped me to move my business forward. Not only that, I felt like you sincerely cared about my business, as if it was the only business that mattered to you, and that means so much to me. Your follow ups, your sound advice, your willingness to answer questions even after our coaching sessions were over made me realize that this is not just a business for you: it is your life. I am honored to now call you my friend. I learned so much from you and I appreciated the assignments you gave me because it made me think about every aspect of not just my business, but my life as well. I would recommend you to anyone, at any level in their business career. Thank you again. You changed my life for the better.”

~ Sue Finley, ArtiSun Bath

Through his unique process, Benjamin will help you uncover your buried strengths, values and passions and aid you in making a PLAN OF ACTION to get you from where you currently are into a new paradigm of fruitful outcomes. Benjamin is a master of action-oriented goal-setting. 

Benjamin has a proven track record of over 10 years of business, from the startup phase through heavy implementation of manufacturing and distributing nationwide, as well as merchandising and marketing on a local, storefront level. He has taken his experience literally around the world, teaching soapmakers in 7 different countries the same goal-setting techniques he will teach you. 

The Coaching Program

The Program is a full 4-month tenure with Benjamin that includes two 45-minute phone calls per month (a total of 8 phone calls) + unlimited emailing during your time together. In addition, you will receive recurrent documents, forms and worksheets that are customized specifically for you.

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