This book is about thinking bigger and then acting on those bigger, emboldened thoughts. People have done some crazy, awesome things in this world and were paid handsomely for it. These crazy, awesome things—whether it be an amazing new line of skin care products or the development of the first smartphone—all started as an idea. Maybe they were walking the dog when they thought it up. Maybe they were drunk at a bar with friends. Maybe they dreamed it. Maybe it was an idea they’ve had since they were a child.

However it came to be, they took their crazy, awesome idea and made it into a thing. They conceptualized it into our world. From a mere thought, they ultimately created a living for themselves that most people can’t dream of. You can do that, too. By thinking outside the box, you can ultimately create an incredibly lucrative and nourishing life – all by developing truly unique soap and skin care company.