Learn to Formulate Soap Recipes Facebook Live eClass – July 7, 2017 at 6 pm CST (4 pm PT, 5 pm MT, 7 pm ET) 

Learn to formulate your own skin-loving soap recipes!

Do lye calcs freak you out? Do fatty acid profiles leave you scratching your head? Do you want to create your own formulas for a body soap, a face soap, a baby soap…or maybe even a high-cleansing soap for a mechanic?

In this class we’ll talk about fatty acid profiles, single oil soaps, modifying recipes, starting ratios, going palm-free with tips and tricks for formulating.

You’ll be able to confidently formulate soap recipes after taking this class! I promise!

Why is it important to know how to formulate recipes?

  1. Formulating your own recipes is good for your soap business. You don’t want to use someone’s recipe as the basis of your business.
  2. Sometimes customers ask for custom soaps. You’ll have the knowledge to put together a recipe for baby’s skin or for a dirty mechanic.
  3. You’ll know how to tweak a recipe or formula to make it better. Have you ever made a soap and thought, Gosh, I wish I could make it just a bit more moisturizing or make the lather creamier? This course will show you how to tweak a recipe for many different outcomes.

Length: This class will take about 2 hours. If you can’t watch the whole class, it will be available for 72 hours in the Facebook Group for you to watch.

Teaching Format: This is a live lecture where I’ll be speaking to you on camera during the Facebook Live. There will be plenty of time for a lengthy Q&A after the lecture.

Class Handouts: You’ll get a printable notebook for note taking. Class handouts will be emailed to you 48 hours before class date.

Here is how our Facebook Live eClasses work.

  • Sign up and pay for the class through
  • You must have a Facebook account to be added to the class group. There is no other way to take this class at this time. We might consider selling the replays at a later date.
  • We’ll add you to the class group three days prior to class date, not sooner.
  • Tune in live to watch the eClass. Time listed is Central Standard Time; be sure to convert for your time zone.
  • If you miss it, the replay will be up for 72 hours for you to watch.
  • The Facebook group for your class will be deleted 72 hours after the live event so be sure to copy and paste any pertinent info that you want to keep.

About the Instructor!

Hello! I’m Amanda Gail Aaron. I’ve been making soap since 2008. I fell in love with cold process soap and soon made it my career. I’ve been teaching soap making classes and workshops since 2009 and write about soap making on my blog,

I’ve taught at conferences and seminars all over the U.S. and have published numerous soap making books and eBooks.

Along with my husband, Benjamin Aaron, I run a non-profit called Lovin’ Soap Project where we teach soap making to women in developing countries.

Thanks for coming into my online classroom and allowing me to teach you about soap making!