Take control of your soap & cosmetics business with SoapMaker 3 Professional Edition Software.

Join the thousands of satisfied users who depend on SoapMaker Software for their business or hobby in over 90 countries worldwide!

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If you struggle with spreadsheets, paper records, and web-based lye calculators, SoapMaker can simplify your life and help you focus on making great products!

So what can SoapMaker do for you?

  • Calculates individual product cost and profit margin
  • Predicts soap qualities before manufacture
  • Compares recipes for cost and qualities
  • Helps you buy only the supplies you need
  • Organizes all your recipes
  • Tracks your inventory of supplies and products
  • Produces customer invoices
  • Calculates sales tax and tracks tax credits
  • Lists extra supplies needed for planned recipes
  • Re-calculates recipes to fit different molds
  • Keeps history of purchases and sales
  • Tracks supply lots used for each product batch
  • And more!

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows
  • (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP) 32 or 64 bit
  • Approx. 20 MB of local hard drive space

Note for MAC users: SoapMaker will not run native on Macs, iPads, Android, etc. If you are a MAC user, consider buying a cheap used Windows laptop just for SoapMaker, as several SoapMaker users have done (including myself). Here are some other options as suggested by the developer.

Purchase Information

Once you purchase SoapMaker software and we receive your order, we will send you a coupon code to redeem your software. Allow up to 48 hours to receive your personal code. You can then redeem your personal code on the SoapMaker website to download and register your software. You’ll then receive information and updates directly from the SoapMaker team.

Learning the Software

There is a manual that comes with the software. We’re in the process of working on some training for SoapMaker software. One of the best resources is actually a Facebook Group, SoapMaker3 Support Group. We are in no way affiliated with the group, but highly recommend joining to ask questions and to get help from others who use the program.


Under normal circumstances, we do not offer refunds since there is no way for you to ‘return’ the downloaded program or your license code. Before purchasing, you can evaluate the features available by downloading the SoapMaker FREE edition.