I can still remember how scared I was to sell. When picking up the phone or walking into a business to offer my products, fear enveloped me. I would get the shakes. My stomach would churn. I would blabber and sweat and spew gobbledygook, walking away not knowing what was said. My adrenal flight response kicked into high gear, so I tried to dash away as quickly as I could. My sales pitches were cragged, uncomfortable and hurried. I was so scared to sell that I almost gave up on my entrepreneurial dream before I even got started.

But, through years of persistence and the learned skill of accepting rejection, I overcame my fears in a way that has fulfilled my career and life.

Overcoming our fears is opening the door to more love in our life. When we learn to deeply love, care for and be [professionally] affectionate toward our prospects and clients, we will have reached a level of sales most never will.

The quippy principles in this book aren’t mind blowing, but they are useful. You see, success in sales is about having the right mindset. Without a driven and loving mindset, we will succumb to our fears, which are sparked first in thought and then in the body. Our minds will aim to fulfill the fear pattern by presenting a circumstance for us to continually be afraid. It is a never-ending, self-fulfilling prophecy of anxiety. We must understand this primitive part of our brain and supersede the fear with the only thing that it can be tamed by, love.

Even if you aren’t much for the touchy-feelies, reading this book will help qualm your fears of selling because the same sales concepts in this book apply to many aspects of our lives.

Have fun with this book. Keep it around as you go about your sales day. Refer to it when you stumble, and thumb through it before your next big call or meeting. Understand that when these ethereal concepts start to sink into our mind through the written word, we pick up on the actions required to fulfill the new concepts without even consciously thinking about them.

Here’s to overcoming your fears, ya scaredy pants. Now go and sell.