Here are some of my favorite soapmaking suppliers and other resources to shop at for ingredients for soap and body products.

Product Photography

busybeecreativeBusy Bee Creative – Christina Boda

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Great photography is essential to selling your products; whether it is on your website, in an Etsy shop, a printed brochure, or anywhere your potential customers see your products. You only have a few seconds to capture a buyer’s attention. It is so important to make a good first impression and I can help you do just that!” – Christina


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Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies – Bramble Berry is my #1 source for silicone molds, fragrance oils and other soapmaking supplies. A few of my favorite items include the 10″ Silicone Loaf Mold, 12″ Tall Skinny Loaf Mold, 18 Bar Slab Mold, rainbow of mica and Energy Fragrance Oil.

bramble berry soapmaking supplies

Essential Depot – Essential Depot is my favorite place to purchase lye. I love that their lye comes in two pound bottles for easy use and storage. I’ve been ordering my lye from them for years.

essential depot lye

Bulk Herb Store – Bulk Herb Store offers a wide variety of herbs and other natural product ingredients.  I get most of my natural colorants from Bulk Herb including charcoal, nettle, kelp and black walnut powder.


Mountain Rose Herbs – Mountain Rose Herbs has a huge variety of herbs, botanicals, essentials oils and more.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Other Soapmaking Suppliers

Bud Haffner Etsy – Bud Haffner makes wonderful soap cutters and has donated one to each of our soap groups in Haiti, Tibet, India, Uganda and Senegal. Check out his Etsy store.

Mad Oils – Mad Oils offers soapmaking supplies including a wonderful lineup of mica, fragrance oils, packaging, botanicals and more!

Rustic Escentuals – Rustic Escentuals is a specialty warehouse featuring wholesale candle making supplies and soap making supplies as well as lip balm supplies, flavor oils for lip balm, and lip balm packaging.

Wholesale Supplies Plus – Wholesale Supplies Plus offers a full line of supplies for soapmakers.