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Reading about the process is one thing, but watching me actually make a batch of soap – step-by-step – is priceless! You can even soap along with me…pausing and playing the video series as we go.

I have an amazing offer for you…and it won’t be available forever! Grab my Basic Soapmaking Mini Course for only $7! (Regular price is $49!)

This FIVE video eCourse will have you confidently making cold process soap in not time. Here’s a little info about each video.

Lye Safety Video – If you have any fear at all about working with lye, I want to reassure you. I liken working with lye to working with dangerous household cleaning products such as bleach and ajax. As long as you protect yourself, you can easily and safely make soap! I’ll talk about safety gear that you need, using and storing your lye. Let me put your mind at ease! Sure lye needs to be respected, but never feared!

Making a Lye Solution Video – Talking to many new soapmaker, the #1 struggle when jumping into the craft is working with lye and making the lye solution. I created a whole video dedicated to safely making your lye solution! I talk about the different kinds of lye and where to find it. I go over containers and utensils that are safe to use. I’ll walk you through the process, showing you how to use a scale, step-by-step, and you’ll see how easy it is.

Preparing Your Oils & Scent Video – After making your lye solution, you’ll need to prepare your oils. I’ll show you my process for preparing my oils that won’t have you waiting FOREVER for your temperatures to drop so that you can make your soap.

Mixing and Molding Video – After you’ve prepared your lye solution and oils, it is time to mix your soap! I’ll walk you through how to use an immersion blender to bring your soap to trace! (Don’t know what trace is? This video will help!) It can be hard to recognize when your soap is fully mixed, this detailed video will show you the detailed process. I’ll also discuss temperature and how that affects your soap.

Cutting and Curing Your Soap Video – After you’ve poured your soap into the mold, you’ll need to let it firm up! We’ll talk about how long to let your soap sit, how to cut your soap and how to cure. And if you don’t know what cure mean, don’t worry, we’ll discuss that!

After watching this video series, you’ll be able to confidently and safely make cold process soap!

Here’s what a few of my fellow Soapmakers had to say about why they started Soapmaking:

  • The ingredients in commercial soap can cause irritation, inflammation and troubling allergic reactions. Learning to make soap provides you the freedom to use ingredients that work for your family’s specific needs, providing soothing relief for a variety of skin types.
  • Soapmaking can become an engaging craft or hobby that provides enrichment and joy.
  • By using a variety of techniques, ingredients and colors, soapmaking is an art medium that does more than simply provide a creative outlet. It produces skin soothing soap that delights the senses.
  • The soapmaking process provides a therapeutic outlet for managing depression and anxiety.
  • Natural handcrafted soap is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, wedding and baby showers, and basically any gift-giving opportunity!
  • Soapmaking provides a creative outlet that can double as a business or side hustle.

This course will have you making the perfect natural soap in no time!

“I’ve watched soooo many YouTube tutorials on making soap but I wasn’t quite confident enough. It’s like the videos on YouTube gave me some info, but not ALL the info. I took Amanda’s course and I made my first batch of soap over Thanksgiving! It came out great!” – Leslie V.

“Working with lye scared me so much that I’ve been putting off making soap for several months! After watching this series I was able to do it! Now I’m addicted and can’t stop ordering supplies!” – Rebecca C.



5 reviews for Basic Soapmaking Mini Course

  1. Barbara DeMuro (verified owner)

    Great beginner class as well as a refresher for seasoned Soapers. I highly recommend getting Amanda’s book “Goat Milk Soapmaking” that covers everything you need to know for making goats milk soap.

  2. Mara Aston (verified owner)

    The mini course is great for someone just starting their soap making journey. I was so excited after completing the mini course that I ordered The Whole Soap Pot and spent my weekend watching the videos and reading as much as I could about soap making. Definitely worth the cost!

  3. Dayse Sampaio

    Olá me chamo Dayse Sampaio e te sigo nas redes sociais, sou do Brasil e sou apaixonada pelas sua técnicas, tenho uma pequena loja de produtos artesanais e em breve irei começar realizar cursos e gostaria de saber se podemos fazer uma parceria?
    Nós no Brasil temos muitos produtos naturais e artesanais, mas são bem diferentes dos seus.
    eu baixei um guia gratuito seu e amei.
    mas alguns produtos que você usa não temos aqui no brasil, em breve começarei e ver parceiros para começar a importar ,ateria prima e gostaria muito de aprender novas técnicas com você

  4. Jessica Payne (verified owner)

    I just recently figured out I can make my own bath and body products. I came across this website and have been following it since. After seeing such an awesome price to view a beginning soap course, I couldn’t resist. This is a good starting point. I know there is so much to learn but these videos gave me just enough information to get started as a beginner.

  5. Adiato (verified owner)

    This mini course is perfect for someone that is starting in the soap making journey.
    Short and informative.
    Thank you for sharing at this price such amazing content!

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