Shave Soap Masterclass eClass

2 hour 19-minute video lesson with detailed handout

Confidently formulate and make shave soap with a rich, creamy lather!

Harken back to the barbershop days when shave soap had a rich, dense, luxurious lather without the high price tag.

In my Shave Soap Masterclass eClass, you’ll learn to make a batch of shave soap with a creamy, stable lather in less than 30 minutes.

In my signature easy-to-follow style, I walk you through how to make two shave soaps; one quick hot process method and one regular hot process dual lye. You’ll learn the difference in lather and consistency for dual lye versus KOH shave soap … and will be able to confidently formulate your own shave soap recipes. Guaranteed!

Don’t let the dual lye shave soap process intimidate you! Learn how easy it is to make fantastic shave soap the men in your life will love.

About the Video Course

This 2 hour 19 minute video eClass covers the following topics:

  • Learn how to confidently formulate your own shave soap recipes.
  • Shave soap ingredients.
  • Shave soap packaging ideas.
  • Quick hot process method allowing you to make shave soap in under 30 minutes!
  • Regular hot process dual lye method.
  • Dual lye versus single lye soap and the difference between their end products.
  • How to create abundant and lasting lather using a shave brush.

*This eClass is perfect for the advanced cold or hot process soapmaker.

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About the Instructor!

Hello! I’m Amanda Gail Aaron. I’ve been making soap since 2008. I fell in love with cold process soap and soon made it my career. I’ve been teaching soap making classes and workshops since 2009 and write about soap making on my blog,

I’ve taught at conferences and seminars all over the U.S. and have published numerous soap making books and eBooks.

Along with my husband, Benjamin Aaron, I run a non-profit called Lovin’ Soap Project where we teach soap making to women in developing countries.

Thanks for coming into my online classroom and allowing me to teach you about making shave soap!