My name’s Amanda and I am an Etsy addict. Even though I make soap and body products I LOVE trying out what others created. It allows me to venture from my regular mix of ingredients or familiar line up of fragrances. I’m a marketing and branding girl at heart. Often the first thing I notice or sometimes even look at when checking out products are the labels! That was one of the first things I spied when I snuck a peak at a variety pack from Long Winter Farm. Beautifully simple brown kraft paper, natural colors and simple clean lines give Long Winter Farm’s products a naturally calm vibe.

So I ordered at set. It came with a body cream, lip balm and a cold process soap for $15.00 – pick your own fragrances. I asked the seller to send me whatever scents she wanted.

Oh boy! I received a body cream scented Sweet Fig, a lip balm scented Coconut Hot Chocolate and a bar of soap scented Pink Grapefruit. Remember before when I said I love purchasing products because I can try unfamiliar scents? Well…I can honestly say I would probably never order Sweet Fig or Coconut Hot Chocolate for my own products. But wow! All of these absolutely blew me away.

Let’s start with the body cream. I love this part of the description.

“This fabled perfect cream base has lots of love for the skin without leaving you feeling like you just ate a bucket of chicken during a national napkin shortage.”

I hate greasy lotion! And this, my friends, is not greasy lotion. It’s a super thick, creamy, wonderfully moisturizing lotion that easily absorbs and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. What more could you want from a lotion?  It’s about 4.5 ounces packaged in a cute little plastic amber jar with a silver lid and brown kraft label. I love brown kraft labels. I do. Super cute.

On to the lip balm…

“A bit like wearing a bikini and a ski hat when you think about it, and equally as awesome.”

I’ve thought about it and well…yes I believe it is. I live in Texas. It’s hot. It’s very hot. Texas will either make or break your claims about a lip balm not melting in your butt pocket. This one doesn’t. With beeswax, unrefined cocoa and shea butters, jojoba, sweet almond and grape seed oils, this balm kicks chapped lip butt! It goes on smoothly, absorbs just enough and leaves lips smooth, soft, slightly slick and tasty! Please order more than one. You might try to eat it…or keep licking it off. No one will blame you, though…it’s just that yummy.

And of course…the soap. I HEART soap!

You probably don’t know my favorite color so I’m going to tell you. It’s pink! And what color soap did I get? Pink! I received the Pink Grapefruit Vegan Cold Process Soap, scented with a combo of fragrance and grapefruit essential oil; colored with pink kaolin clay (which I’ve never used- added to list of things to try) and spotted with calendula petals.

Magically concocted with coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, canola oil and shea butter, this wonderful soap had me singing in the shower, bubbles dancing, twirling whirling in symphony with my sweet melody.

30 minutes later…exit shower. Slather on Sweet Fig body cream. Apply Coconut Hot Cocoa lip balm. Ahhhh…nice.

Can you picture that? Maybe you shouldn’t. Let’s move on.

This was an exceptional trio of goodness. It had it all- great product, great packaging and great price. Amanda (not me, Long Winter Farm’s Amanda) was super nice and sent it right out. Another wonderful Etsy experience.

Be sure to visit Long Winter Farm on Etsy.
You can also go visit their blog. I highly recommend it. There is a super cute kitten on there.  Super cute kittens make Mondays much better.  I promise. 

Thanks, Long Winter Farm! I love my lotion, soap and balm! Keep up the great work.