Soap Label Vault: Label Templates + Canva Training

  • 89+ Beautiful Label Template Downloads
  • Customizing Soap Labels Using Canva Instructional PDF download and video training

Finally! A quick and easy soap band label solution for handcrafted soapmakers!

You’ve perfected your swirl design and crafted the perfect essential oil blend for your signature soap. Your finished product is a work of art! But when it comes to creating a soap band label to complement your soap bars, where do you begin?

Here at Lovin’ Soap Studio, we are committed to providing hands-on, easy-to-follow training for soapmakers, even when it comes to the non-soapmaking elements of handcrafting soap for giving or to sell.

The Soap Label Vault is a unique resource that teaches you to design your own, custom soap labels. With more than 89 aesthetically pleasing label templates, design tutorials and helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to creating exceptional labels for your handcrafted soap!

After interacting with soapmakers daily in our online community, Saponification Nation, we’ve witnessed the frustration soapmakers face when packaging and selling their soap. Typically, when you’re ready to create labels to compliment your beautiful soap creations you realize two things:

Hiring a professional designer is expensive! If you don’t design your own labels, you can hire a professional graphic designer to create the labels for you. Once you’ve poured your resources into soap making ingredients, essential oils and colorants you don’t often have the funds to hire a designer. You can save big bucks designing the labels yourself.

Unfortunately, here’s the deal …

Graphic design isn’t easy! While soapmaking is an artform and includes elements of design, it uses a different skillset than graphic design. Creating digital graphics, learning how to use design software, creating the right size label takes time, effort and know-how.

That’s where the Soap Label Vault comes in! With pre-designed, easy to customize label templates, step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial on using Canva (a free online graphic design program), you’ll be empowered to create beautiful labels for your soap without all the frustration and headache!

Since this is a unique product, we want to be sure you understand how to use our label downloads.

Lovin’ Soap Studio is all about teaching you to master your craft. Our goal is to provide you with helpful resources and training to making your soapmaking hobby or business everything it can be!

With the right tools, we know you can get hands-on with the design of your labels. Not everyone is a designer, so we help get you started with our label templates, then we teach you how to add your information to customize them!

Our FAQ section includes all the details on how to maximize your purchase of the Soap Label Vault.

**Be sure to read through the FAQs to make sure these labels will fit your soap! (scroll down)

Current Designs

Below are snapshots of our current label designs. We add new designs to the vault periodically, and any new designs are automatically included in your initial purchase price. You won’t pay more! Simply enjoy the new designs as they’re added.

Winter Holidays (23 label downloads) – Features trees, snowflakes, leaves, ornaments

Blooms (12 label designs) – Features flowers and floral elements such as leaves, twigs and berries


Dots (5 label designs) – Features fun and whimsical dot designs

Goat Milk Soap (2 label designs) – Features a fun and adorable goat character

Kraft (13 label designs) – Features Kraft background with fun patterns and shapes

Nature Walk (12 label designs) – Features clouds, trees, animals in matching colors and design

Soft Floral (6 label designs) – Features a set of 6 matching patterns in a soft floral design

Space (8 label designs) – Features a cool set of space-themed backgrounds (aliens not included)

Whimsical Clouds (5 label designs) – Features a set of cloud designs

Whimsical Mountains (5 label designs) – Features a set of mountain designs (mountain graphic not included)

(more coming soon!)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size soaps do these labels fit?

These wrap-style labels fit a bar of soap that is 3.5” wide, at least 2.24” tall and 1” thick. Look for soap loaf molds that are 3.5” wide and cut your soap into 1” slices when using these custom labels.

Label templates have been personally tested by Lovin’ Soap Studio to ensure they fit bars cut to 1” thick slices from the following retail molds:

Bramble Berry’s 10” Silicone Loaf Mold

Wholesale Supplies Plus 8” Silicone Loaf Mold

Nurture Soap Molds that are 3.5” wide (they have a variety!)

Need a custom size label? Contact Lovin’ Soap Studio for pricing and availability. Custom design starts at $79.

Download a sample label sheet here to see if it fits your soap bar.

How do I customize the text on the labels?

Ok, so the design elements have been done for you, but how do you customize the labels to include your ingredients, soap name, soap weight, address, graphics or logo?

The Soap Label Vault provides three customization options.

1: Simply print and write your information on the label. Love your penmanship or want to use your brush lettering skills, this is a fast and easy way to customize your labels.

2: Use a graphics program, such as Canva, to add text or images to your labels. We’ve even included an instructional PDF download Customizing Soap Labels Using Canva, an instructional PDF download and video tutorial where we walk you through to how to add custom text to your labels!

3. Lovin’ Soap Studio can customize the labels for you! We take a very limited number of clients for our design services, so contact us for more info and availability. Custom design starts at $79.

What exactly can I edit on the PDF / JPEG template downloads?

The template downloads provide the core design elements of the label. Anything you visually see on the label including backgrounds, colors, frame etc. are all static elements and can’t be changed. We’ve intentionally left blank spaces on the labels for you to add text and graphics or logos to the labels.

Can I use your labels for soap I intend to sell?

Absolutely! The only thing you can’t do is sell our label design templates or graphics.

REFUND POLICY: Please note that we do not offer refunds on any of our products as most are digital products. If you are on the fence about your purchase, please contact us with any questions!