Me:  Tell us about yourself.

Deb:  My name is Deborah Robinson but everyone calls me, Deb. I’m a 57 year old
homeschooling, housewife, who happens to have a soap making business that I run
from my home. I’ve been married to my fantastic husband, Bill for over 35 years
and we have five kids ranging in age from 30 to 15.

What inspires you?

My customers for one. There have been times when I have thought about
“quitting” but the comments and testimonials that I get from them keeps me going.

My son, Chris, is another inspiration. Chris was diagnoised with Sarcoidosis when
he was 19. Over the years of battling this disease he lost over 70% of his lung
capacity and was told 2 years ago that in order to live he would have to have a
double lung transplant. On September 17, 2009 he got “the call” and we headed to
Barnes Jewish Hospital in St Louis for his transplant. He was there from
September 17th until December 15th. I spent a good deal of that time with him as
his caregiver. I have never heard him complain, ask why me, or be cross with any
doctor, nurse or tech that was trying to help him. His courage and patience are
inspiring. He is an extrodinary young man and I am proud to be his mother.

How did you get your start in soapmaking?

In 1998 and 1999 I was getting ready for Y2K in a VERYBIG way. I bought my
goat in 1999 from a friend who was also getting ready for “the grid” to go down.
During that time I learned several new skills….soap making was one of them. The
first bars of soap I ever made were better than the Dove that I had used for over
30 years. I had Crisco, Lard, some Coconut Oil, Lye and Water. My mold was a
shoebox lined with wax paper. I’ve been making my own soap since then and haven’t
used a “commercial” soap since 99.

Favorite soaping rule to break?

I don’t wear safety glasses when I’m working with the lye but I do wear gloves and
long sleeves.

Do you have a favorite ingredient that you add to your soaps?

Fresh goat milk  is my favorite soap ingredient. It makes a world of difference in
the quality of the soap.

What’s your favorite FO/EO?

Oh, that’s a hard one I have so many. Warm Vanilla Sugar, Egyptian Musk and
Autumn Leaves are my personal favorites.

Do you have a favorite supplier?

Columbus Foods- their base oils are very high quality and priced reasonably. Lone
Star Candle Supply and Candles and Supplies are my usual choice for some great
Fragrance Oils at good prices.

What piece of advice do you have for someone new to soap making?

Have fun and don’t be afraid of the “lye”.

Do you have any other hobbies?

Reading is my favorite pass time, the problem with it is that once I start a book I
won’t put it down until I’m finished with it.  I really enjoy hanging out with my
family, I’ve got a great one and we have some major fun when we all get together.

Favorite book, movie, song and website?

My favorite book: Janet Evonavich Stephanie Plum series. Her books make me
laugh until I cry.

My favorite movie: McClintock with John Wayne and anything with Veggie Tales ( I
got hooked on them when my kids were younger and still love them).

My favorite singers: Mark Schultz and Stephen Curtis Chapman speak to my soul.
The Eagles make me rock and roll and oddly enough I enjoy techno; Muse is one of
my favorite in that genre.

My favorite websites:

Site Build It is one of my favorites because it gave me the ability to actually build
and maintain my own website without help from anyone else.

Another one is the the Soap Making Forum:
It’s interesting watching what others are doing and it is a really friendly place to

My other favorite is… Ok, I admit I’m
shameless in promoting my own business.

Thanks for stopping by, Deb! 

Be sure to visit her website to see pictures of her adorable goats!