I recently bought a soap making book from a fellow Texan, Elin Criswell. The book, Creative Soap Making, is a wonderful book for the beginner as well as the experienced soap maker. As a more experienced soaper I especially enjoyed the interviews and the resources. If you’re a beginner you’ll learn the history of soap making and learn the process. She provides us with wonderful recipes and an invaluable resource section.  This book is a great addition to any soaper’s library. 

About the book (from the Author’s website, The Country Soaper)

Creative Soap Making is a great new soap making book written to appeal to both new and experienced soapmakers alike.

The author’s goal in writing this book is to teach the basics of how to make handcrafted soap, and also to open your eyes to the whole world of creative soap making.

The ‘Successful Creative SoapMakers’ chapter contains interviews with well-known successful soapmakers and pioneers in the soapmaking industry. This concept has never been included before in past soapmaking books. You can read how these popular soapmakers got started in the craft, how they got into soap-related businesses and their thoughts for the future for our beloved craft. Interviews include: Catherine Failor, Milky Way Molds; Sandy Maine, SunFeather Natural Soap Company, Inc.; Anne-Marie Faiola, Bramble Berry, Inc.; Donna Maria Coles Johnson, Indie Beauty Network; Irene Linauer, Irene’s House of Soap and Kayla Fioravanti, Essential Wholesale.

The book also includes a great resource section that will help you in further soap making studies.

Why Make Soap?
The Basics of Soap Making
Cold Process Soap Making Instructions
Soap Recipes (in standard U.S. and metric measurements)
A Guide to Soap Making Oils
Sundry Details
Recent Soap History
Successful Creative Soap Makers
The Basics and Beyond
Resource Section

About the Author

Elin Criswell is a fourth-generation Texas soapmaker of Swedish descent. Her Mom’s old-fashioned soap was a fixture in their household when she was growing up and she still cherishes her Mom’s old washboard.

She loves to talk soap to all and any who will listen and especially enjoys teaching the soap making craft to others. Her interest in writing predates her interest in soap making. She has written soap making articles that have been published in Hill Country Magazine and in online newsletters.

Her other favorite activities include amateur photography, long country drives and greeting the sunrise with coffee cup in hand.

She lives in Central Texas with the love of her life, her husband Danny, and their children. They live out in the country, away from her city roots.

You can find the book at her website,  The Country Soaper.