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I am very excited to introduce my new project to you. As most of you know, I traveled to Haiti with Marla Bosworth in January this year to teach a group of women to make soap and help support them in creating a business. I’ve since been back in March and again in May.

In June, I will be back in Haiti again to work with a new group in a more rural area of Haiti.


What started as a simple trip to teach has now turned into something bigger. I have come to find that there really is a need for this type of service in other countries. People don’t need (or want) a handout…they want to help themselves. One way people can help themselves is by starting a business to earn money.


And so The Lovin’ Soap Project was born. I decided to enlist the help of a good friend, Kym Wilson. I wanted somebody outside of the soap industry so I could have a partner from a different background to help broaden and develop the purpose of the Lovin’ Soap Project. Kym has a background in marketing, communications, writing and so much more!

I’ve enlisted Benjamin Aaron of Prairie Soap Company to help teach for the June workshop. We have deemed him the Native Ingredients Consultant, and his job is to locally source as many ingredients as possible giving each region’s soap a signature style. We want our groups to use local ingredients to help support local businesses and the community.

our team

We have a team of marketing and retail support volunteers to help find retail outlets to sell the soap in the US. We’ve had plenty of soapmakers who own shops and have expressed interest in having this soap in their shops so we are working on creating an easy package/POS display that shops can have to help sell the soap and support these groups of women.

Please visit our new website, www.lovinsoapproject.org to learn more about our mission and purpose.

We are also raising funds through Gofundme.  Please visit our fundrasing page!