Benjamin Aaron, Life & Business Coach

BenjaminAaronSoapBenjamin is a Professional Life & Business Coach who caters most of his work towards hand-crafters and makers of all kinds. Because of his successful background in the handcrafted soap industry in recent years, he has cornered a niche in the soap, candle and body care market, having coached and successfully uplifted the lives and businesses of many in our industry.

Humble Beginnings: My First Business

I started my first business in 2009 with no formal business background before launching. In fact, I was working at a community garden at the time. Prairie Soap Company, a handmade artisan soapmaking business, was of humble beginnings, but I learned a valuable secret during the often thin, grueling start-up phase of my business; the power of goal setting. I learned to turn off the television and put my phone away. I trained myself to contemplate, visualize and write down all of the things I wanted to come to pass in my life. I did this everyday; it eventually became second nature to me.

I soon realized that my life was changing in a rapid, yet natural way. I was beginning to see clues…signs in the form of people, circumstances and events that led me to even more clues. Soon I was manifesting what I had been contemplating, visualizing and writing down. Prairie Soap Company, which began in my parent’s kitchen, turned into an incredibly fun and meaningful business that operated in a 2,000 sq foot retail storefront in a high-end shopping center. We also established ourselves in the larger marketplace, landing our products in national health food chain stores such as Whole Foods Market, Lucky’s, Sprouts and Natural Grocers. We put ourselves on the map in a burgeoning cottage industry. I taught soapmaking classes every weekend. We were open 362 days a year. Business was booming.

Every milestone we wanted and needed to meet as a company began on a piece of paper. That piece of paper was the foundation of hours of meditation, contemplation, visualization and prayer. These tactics were delicately balanced with a “letting go” of the outcome, as too much squeezing will crush a goal. I became an expert in seeking out an objective, working towards it with my mind, knowing when to release it to the world, and then confidently and faithfully expecting my outcome to manifest in my life. And it worked, without fail. Prairie Soap Company, LLC was a success. My daily visualization of walking into my very own store, holding a briefcase and fumbling for the light switch came to pass in the most beautiful and unique way. Sounds silly, but I visualized this every day and sure enough, I eventually came to do this every day. And I loved it.

When My Passion Turned into Purpose: The Lovin’ Soap Project

A few years after Prairie Soap Company, LLC was on the map, my friend at the time (now my wife), Amanda Aaron, was going to establish a 501(c)3 international not-for-profit organization, in order to teach the art and craft of soapmaking to women in developing nations. I donated to her cause.

After our paths had crossed for the first time and she told me what she was up to, she invited me to come along with her on a trip to Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. I jumped at the chance, as something inside of me was beginning to stir in much the same way in regards to helping others. We took off a few months later and we ended up co-founding the organization, applied for federal non-profit status, and The Lovin’ Soap Project was born.

The Lovin’ Soap Project now recurrently travels to Haiti (currently working with two different groups of women), Uganda, Tibet, Northern India and Senegal.

During our trips, I realized that my natural tendency when teaching was to promote the power of goal-setting to our different groups of women all over the world. In some cases we would hold full day workshops dedicated solely to the tactics and tricks to utilizing goal-setting in their every day lives.

My Greatest Strength: Motivating and Inspiring You to Get the Absolute Most Potential to the Surface. Human Potential is Truly Amazing, but it Lies Dormant in Most.


I taught myself how to run a business. When I failed, which was often, I failed forward. I learned from my mistakes, and I humbled myself when faced with a negative outcome. Many of the mistakes I have made can be avoided, and I want to help everyone I can not only avoid them, but bring about in them the potential they have that is hidden from their own view. I know that most of us know the concept of goal setting, but the truth is most people don’t understand how it works, or how to apply it. It almost sounds too simple, but it could not be a more profound and satisfying way to live. Allow me to help you establish your goals and then keep you accountable to seeing them through.


I wasn’t always a branding expert, but I learned from the most innovative and cutting edge companies in the marketplace. There are tricks. There are secrets. There are fundamentals of creating a branding story that truly speaks to people. Folks lost a lot of trust in companies large and small after the 2008 financial meltdown. If you as a business owner don’t have a trustworthy branding scheme that speaks to the minds and hearts of consumers, you will not be trusted and will be quickly forgotten. Branding is everything.

I understand that in today’s world, everything from fonts to color combinations have to speak above, between & below all of the standard lines of branding. I push the envelope in business branding, based on what my clients need & want, as well as understanding on a deep level what each respective business needs.


My greatest strength is motivating and inspiring others, all the while keeping a healthy and comfortable sense of accountability to the responsibilities and milestones that need to be achieved. I’ve been a part of a team my whole life, in one way or another. Allow me to be your teammate through your life’s calling and you will succeed.

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