A. Griffin Butter Co-op

Butters are from Soapers Choice

Kokum Butter – 7.02/lb (sold out)

Mango Butter, Refined, Expeller Pressed – 7.28/lb (7 lbs available)

Cocoa Butter, Prime Pressed Golden – 5.61/lb (10 lbs available) You must buy in multiples of 3 pounds.

Illipe Butter 10 Pounds – 12.75/lb (6 lbs available)

Sal Butter – 8.65/lb (6 lbs available)

Shea Butter, Unrefined, Ghana Beige – 5.75/lb (12 lbs available) Must buy in multiples of 3 pounds.

Butters will be bagged in plastic to keep cost down. 

This does not include shipping! We will have to arrange local pickup or shipping.

Email me at amanda@lovinsoap.com to order.