Goat Milk Soap Making eClass

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Create skin-loving decadent goat milk soap using farm-fresh goats milk!

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Goat Milk Soap Making eClass

Create skin-loving decadent goat milk soap using farm-fresh goats milk!

Goat milk soap is decadent, with a lotion-like lather! It is one of my favorite types of soap to make. Milk contains natural sugar, which can boost lather and create a super-sudsy bar of soap.

This natural sugar can also cause your soap to discolor and heat-up, causing all sorts of issues. I’ll show you how to dodge these issues and create a soap that is light and creamy in color.

Avoid over-heating and soap volcanoes with the knowledge in this course.

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Why goat milk soap?

  • Goat milk soap is decadent and creamy, with a lotion-like lather.
  • Goat milk contains vitamins and minerals, which can be beneficial to the skin, and provides soothing relief to those with sensitive skin or eczema.
  • Goat milk contains sugar in the form of lactose which provides a wonderfully rich lather.
  • For those who sell their homemade soap at craft shows or in online shops, goat milk soap is a fan favorite. Adding goat milk soap to your product line could boost your sales, especially if you have a goat dairy farm and are looking for ways to use the excess goat milk.

Course Includes

  • 2 detailed, step-by-step videos for making two completely different methods of goat milk soap! You can make soap along with me!
  • Our Goat Milk Soapmaking eBook, which includes 24 natural recipes for goat milk soap! This is an excellent guide that you can refer back to after watching the video content.
  • You’ll also get our Basic Soapmaking Mini Course for free! You don’t have to have prior knowledge of soapmaking to take this course! Our basic course will get you up to speed and then you can jump into using goat milk in your soap!


Video Lessons Include

Video 1 – Full-milk Goat Milk Soap Method – I‘ll show you how to make goat milk soap using 100% goat milk in your lye solution. Pack all the goodness that goat milk has to offer into your handmade soap!

Video 2 – Milk in Oil MethodI’ll walk you through creating a batch of goat milk soap using the Milk in Oil Method! This method is great for those that want to scale up and use a master-batched lye solution.

These two methods allow you to create soap that is light in color so that your added colorants won’t look muddied and ugly! Beautiful creamy soap!


BONUS 1: Goat Milk Soap eBook ($19.99 value) – You’ll get our eBook, Goat Milk Soapmaking for FREE!

  • Full color, step-by-step instructions for making soap using any type of milk. While goat milk is the most popular milk-based soap, you can also use these directions for making camel milk soap, cow milk soap, or even a vegan milk soap such as almond milk soap.
  • Helpful charts explaining oil properties/fatty acid profiles and additives.
  • Essential oil blends to inspire how you scent your goat milk soap.
  • 24 natural goat milk soap recipes with essential oil blends for scent and natural colorants and additives to make each bar unique and memorable.
  • Helpful resources including common soapmaking terms, abbreviations and a supplier list.

BONUS 2: Basic Soap Making eCourse ($49 value) – You’ll get FREE access to our basic soap making ecourse, which includes 7 video lessons.

This FIVE video eCourse will have you confidently making cold process soap in no time. Here’s a little info about each video.

  • Lye Safety Video – If you have any fear at all about working with lye, I want to reassure you. I liken working with lye to working with dangerous household cleaning products such as bleach and ajax. As long as you protect yourself, you can easily and safely make soap! I’ll talk about safety gear that you need, using and storing your lye. Let me put your mind at ease! Sure lye needs to be respected, but never feared!
  • Making a Lye Solution Video – Talking to many new soapmaker, the #1 struggle when jumping into the craft is working with lye and making the lye solution. I created a whole video dedicated to safely making your lye solution! I talk about the different kinds of lye and where to find it. I go over containers and utensils that are safe to use. I’ll walk you through the process, showing you how to use a scale, step-by-step, and you’ll see how easy it is.
  • Preparing Your Oils & Scent Video – After making your lye solution, you’ll need to prepare your oils. I’ll show you my process for preparing my oils that won’t have you waiting FOREVER for your temperatures to drop so that you can make your soap.
  • Mixing and Molding Video – After you’ve prepared your lye solution and oils, it is time to mix your soap! I’ll walk you through how to use an immersion blender to bring your soap to trace! (Don’t know what trace is? This video will help!) It can be hard to recognize when your soap is fully mixed, this detailed video will show you the detailed process. I’ll also discuss temperature and how that affects your soap.
  • Cutting and Curing Your Soap Video – After you’ve poured your soap into the mold, you’ll need to let it firm up! We’ll talk about how long to let your soap sit, how to cut your soap and how to cure. And if you don’t know what cure mean, don’t worry, we’ll discuss that!

After watching this video series, you’ll be able to confidently and safely make cold process goat milk soap!

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8 reviews for Goat Milk Soap Making eClass

  1. Lori (verified owner)

    Your videos are just wonderful and so packed full of information and advice! Thank you so much! I hope to purchase a membership real soon! Always eager to learn more! Worth the investment

  2. Wendy Schoeman (verified owner)

    Amanda consistently offers great training materials and takes the guesswork out of making soap. I love this goat milk video. I can go back and review and listen to her commentary and benefit from her experience.

    Thanks Amanda!

  3. honkenpam@gmail.com

    Wow! Amanda was able to teach so much about the making of goat milk soaps in such a concise, informative and down to earth way! I wish I would have started here instead of finding her a couple of years after starting my soap making process. These goat milk soap methods would have allowed me to jump right in and start making beautiful, natural goat milk soaps with so much more confidence. Amanda breaks the basic goat milk processes down into simple applications that allow the user to understand the process in a no frills kind of way. Thank you Amanda Gail for providing your ebooks at a great price with so much information and easy to follow instructions for guaranteed success.

  4. amandakamos@gmail.com

    Six years ago I sat with all my soap making equipment intimidated for 8 months because I didn’t connect with any of the tutorials or videos I had read or watched. At 2am one sleepless night, I stumbled upon Aaron’s goats’ milk soap blog post. Her instructions were clear, concise, and blasted throughthe fog of what I thought I had to do when handling the goats’ milk and lye that was holding me back. And I’ve been on a roll ever since.

    I’m so happy she’s compiled both methods for utilizing goats’ milk -and other milks- in soap making in one book.
    Her instructions are clear.
    The book is packed with information.
    The videos feel like I’m in a friend’s kitchen learning about soap.

    It’s clear the book is grounded in her vast experience of soap making. The techinal information, and explanation of techniques are valuable. From watching the videos and reading the book, I picked up a few tricks I tried this afternoon while soaping that I’ll definitely keep doing.
    I highly recommend this book and the videos for anyone looking to work with goats’ milk soaps -and other milks too!

  5. angela@alegnasoap.com

    I can’t believe the amount of information Amanda was able to pack into this book. Included are step-by-step detailed instructions for 2 ways to make goat milk soap (I’m a fan of the milk-in-oil method), 2 videos, and a ton of recipes and scent blends. Read and watch carefully, Amanda give many tips as she writes and talks. (What to do if your stick blender is making a lot of bubbles, what that film is on top of your lye solution). If you want to learn how to make any kind of milk soap, this is the resource you need in your soap making library.

  6. Lisa Mills

    A game changer! As a novice soap maker I longed for a great resource for making goat milk soap and here it is! Not only do the videos provide excellent instruction but being able to see the unique properties of goat milk and lye made me much more confident of my process. The e-course provides a wealth of knowledge that explains the techniques and why they work and the accompanying e-book contains goat milk soap formulas, essential oil blends and oil/butter profiles so you can customize you goat milk soaping adventure. Old Goat approved!!

  7. olivesunsetcreations@gmail.com

    Excellent quality video. Clear, easy to understand directions. Pictures show trace and thickening of milk in lye solution. There is something for everyone to learn and use!! I
    I will definitely refer people to this video!!

  8. Martha Lawson

    Wonderful !! Most definitely a must for anyone wanting to make goats milk soap…Full of excellent information for beginners as well as experience makers.
    I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my soap making skill

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