Piping Perfection: Piping Cold Process Soap

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Take your soapmaking to a sweet new level with the BRAND-NEW Piping Perfection eClass!

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Piping Perfection: Piping Cold Process Soap eClass

6-video series 

Create elegant soap cupcakes with 12 different icing designs!

Take your soapmaking to a sweet new level with the BRAND-NEW Piping Perfection eClass! In this fun eClass, I walk you through how to pipe cold process soap in order to achieve the perfect consistency for realistic soap frosting.

Using only 4 piping tips, you’ll learn 12 different cupcake icing designs for a wide range of creative cupcake looks – perfect for birthday party favors, elegant wedding décor or seasonal gifts for family and friends.

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In addition, you’ll learn how to pipe on a loaf mold and view step-by-step instructions on how to pipe individual flowers to top loaves and cupcakes. The possibilities are endless!

It’s the cupcake decorating class that won’t impact your waistline!

Elevate your soapmaking skills with the Piping Perfection eClass and create no-calorie sweets that will be the envy of every celebration to come!

About the Video Course

This 6-video series covers the following topics:

  • Identify the tools and equipment needed for piping soap.
  • Learn how to pipe soap using 4 different piping tips to create a variety of design elements.
  • Formulate a piping recipe with the perfect consistency for frosting.
  • Video tutorial for 12 different cupcake top designs.
  • Learn to create piped flowers for loaf and cupcake toppings.
  • Learn to create a loaf with piped flowers.
  • Learn to create a loaf with a piped top.

Course Includes

  • Video tutorials for 12 different cupcake tops, basic cupcake swirl, piped flower toppers, and 6 different sprinkle topping ideas.
  • Information handout with recipes, including my favorite palm-free and vegan piping recipes.

Video Lessons Include

Video 1 – Getting Started – Tools and equipment you’ll need for piping soap.

Video 2 – Piping 12 Different Cupcake Tops

Video 3 – Basic Cupcake Swirl and 6 Different Sprinkle Topping Ideas

Video 4 – Creating Piped Flowers for Loaf and Cupcake Toppings

Video 5 – Creating a Loaf with Piped Flowers

Video 6 – Creating a Loaf with a Piped Top

*This eClass is recommended for soapmakers who have made soap before and are looking to learn new design techniques.

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8 reviews for Piping Perfection: Piping Cold Process Soap

  1. Asma Ali (verified owner)

    Good for beginners

  2. Laura Thompson (verified owner)

    This is very much a beginner class for those who have never piped before. I more or less paid the $20 for the recipe. Which the description said a handout with that info was included but I didnt receive that. Execution was a bit lacking for an “advanced” class. Im pretty disappointed with this purchase honestly.

  3. Nursel Acar

    Emeğinize sağlık çok faydalı bilgiler var teşekkür ediyorum

  4. Michelle Johnson (verified owner)

    I’ve watched it through once now and will be doing it many more times. Very informative and looking forward to giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase!

  5. Ludene (verified owner)

    This class is well worth your time and money. The amount of information provided is unbelievable and high quality.

    I have purchased anothers class and Amanda’s is much more informative, helpful, and inspiring. I especially like her 3 butter piping recipe.

  6. mareem (verified owner)

    I would recommend this class if you want to learn a new skill in a fun yet totally informative way. It’s perfect for anyone who has never attempted piping before. I found Amanda approach to teaching very easy to follow, she shares several ways to pipe and also gives helpful tips.
    Best is you can go back and re-watch if you need to.
    Was impressed. Thank you ♥

  7. Carol Foreman (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the piping class.my first try didn’t go so well but my second was a success.i really like that I can go back and watch the videos at anytime.

  8. Nancy Gullette (verified owner)

    I don’t have any experience with piping and there is a tremendous amount of information in the videos! I’m looking forward to giving it a try to see what I can create. Amanda explains it so a novice can understand.

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