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Whether you are brand new to soapmaking, or a soapmaking master, in the newly expanded eBook, Goat Milk Soapmaking, Amanda walks you through two different processes for making goat milk soap, producing trouble-free results.

Addressing common challenges in the soapmaking process, readers will learn quality-tested methods to making decadent goat milk soap with a creamy rich lather.

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Goat Milk Soapmaking eBook

  • 71 (8.5 x 8.5″) page eBook (downloadable PDF)

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Enjoy the benefits of creamy, lather rich, natural soap made using farm-fresh goat milk!

In the newly expanded eBook, Goat Milk Soapmaking, you’ll learn the secrets to making decadent goat milk soap that refreshes and soothes even the most sensitive skin.

I address common challenges in the soapmaking process, and provide solutions that enable even soapmaking beginners to produce exquisite results.

In this informative eBook, I walk you through two different processes for making goat milk soap, producing trouble-free results. These unique methods help the temperatures stay cool, preventing overheating which causes cracks, soap volcanos and thickening.

You’ll learn techniques for creating a very lightly colored soap that takes bright colors well, counteracting the tendency for milk soap to turn orange, brown or tan.

Goat Milk Soapmaking includes 24 goat milk soap recipes which use natural colorants and are scented with natural essential oil blends.

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Why goat milk soap?

  • Goat milk soap is decadent and creamy, with a lotion-like lather.
  • Goat milk contains vitamins and minerals, which can be beneficial to the skin, and provides soothing relief to those with sensitive skin or eczema.
  • Goat milk contains sugar in the form of lactose which provides a wonderfully rich lather.
  • For those who sell their homemade soap at craft shows or in online shops, goat milk soap is a fan favorite. Adding goat milk soap to your product line could boost your sales, especially if you have a goat dairy farm and are looking for ways to use the excess goat milk.

Goat Milk Soapmaking includes:

  • Full color, step-by-step instructions for making soap using any type of milk. While goat milk is the most popular milk-based soap, you can also use these directions for making camel milk soap, cow milk soap, or even a vegan milk soap such as almond milk soap.
  • Helpful charts explaining oil properties/fatty acid profiles and additives.
  • Essential oil blends to inspire how you scent your goat milk soap.
  • 24 natural goat milk soap recipes with essential oil blends for scent and natural colorants and additives to make each bar unique and memorable.
  • Helpful resources including common soapmaking terms, abbreviations and a supplier list.

The Benefits of Homemade Soapmaking

If you’ve frequented craft shows in your community, you’ve likely come across the unique art of soapmaking. Soapmaking combines both science and art to produce a natural, safe soap that your skin will love!

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. Making your own soap provides you the opportunity to control the ingredients you put on your body.

Choose between skin loving oils and butters such as olive oil and shea butter for luxurious, soft skin. Beneficial additives including herbs, clays and natural essential oils such as lavender and tea tree can be combined to create unique and powerful aromas.

Creating gently formulated handmade soap can help relieve skin conditions such as eczema or other sensitivities, Goat Milk Soapmaking will provide you the tools and step-by-step process for making decadent goat milk soap for you and your loved ones.

Table of Contents

  • Benefits of Milk in Soap – 9
  • Milk Composition – 9
  • Choosing Your Milk – 10
  • Preparing Your Milk – 10
  • Equipment and Tools – 11
  • Carrier Oils & Butters – 13
  • Fatty Acid Chart – 15
  • Scents – Fragrance Oils – 16
  • Scents – Essential Oil – 18
  • Essential Oil Blends – 20
  • Colorants – 21
  • Additives – 25
  • Lye Safety – 26
  • Using a Scale – 27
  • Full Milk Goat Milk Soap Process – 28
  • Milk in Oil Goat Milk Soap Process – 39
  • Curing and Storing Your Soap – 45
  • To Gel or Not to Gel – 46
  • Temperatures in Soapmaking – 48
  • Ash in Soapmaking – 49
  • Superfatting and Lye Discounting – 50
  • Terms to Know – 51
  • Common Soapmaking Abbreviations – 53
  • Suppliers – 54
  • Recipes – 56


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13 reviews for Goat Milk Soapmaking eBook

  1. Hilary Sutherland

    I received this book as a gift. Although I have never tried cold process soap I am more tempted to after looking through this material. It is absolutely amazing! There are no questions unanswered because the information leaves nothing out. Unlike the usual YouTube videos this is honest to goodness real life information. If you want to make Goat Milk Soap, even if you just want to make cold process soap without the Goat Milk this is a valuable resource It’s worth way more than 5 stars!

  2. Sarah Paradis (verified owner)

    Super E-book, son contenu est riche en information. Un seul commentaire : la plupart des PDF peuvent être traduit en ligne, parfois, ça aide. Celui-ci ne passe pas dans Google traduction car les pages sont en format “image”. C’est le seul défaut de ce E-book.

  3. Lisa Helms (verified owner)

    Love this e-book. I am new to Cold Process soap. I have been making melt and pour for quite some time with Goat Milk Soap Base. This is a great reference. It is loaded with great information and fantastic recipes!

  4. Audrey Proulx

    As always with their products this book is perfect. Very complete!

  5. Jayne Jordan

    I really liked how there is a variety of essential oil blends for the recipes and how only natural colorants were used. Easy to follow recipes! And two different methods are discussed: adding frozen goats milk to your lye water or the milk-in-oil method. I usually use frozen goat’s milk but it’s nice having the information on how to do the milk-in-oil method too. That way if I’m using fresh milk, I don’t have to wait till it’s frozen first.

  6. Angélique Heiligers

    I love love love this book. It’s full of Information and tips. What I really love of books of Amanda, is not only the knowledge and tips she shares with us, but I love how detailed the book is with lots of illustrations. The great explainations in this book, makes it easy to follow and understand. This book is a great for advanced soapers but also very great for people that just started their soap adventure and therefor I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

  7. Shirley

    I love this book. It’s one of her best ones.

  8. Becky

    Love this ebook!! Gave my So much confidence to try my first batch of goat milk soap. I keep going back to it!!
    Thank you so much!

  9. Charlene

    I have this ebook. The information in the ebooks are full of knowledge. I didn’t want to miss a thing so I ordered the ultimate eBook bundle and I’m so glad I did. Best decision and its well worth it.

  10. Zully

    Well explained and very detailed.
    I bought this book the information and content is great. Really recommend Amanda’s book especially if you are new in soap making.
    Thanks again for sharing your great recipes and your knowledge.

  11. Andresia

    This ebook is very amazing. I made my first goat milk successfully!! The steps are very detail and easy to follow along with many wonderful milk soap recipes.
    Absolutely love this book!

  12. Robin Avrett

    Absolutely love this book!!! The explanation of using goat milk is great- love the photo details. Plus the essential oil combinations and the variety of oils are fantastic. Use this book all the time. Amanda writes the best books, especially for new people to soap making,

  13. Valarie Guzman

    I hv this ebook! I was so excited to get this in my Ultimate Bundle! For a beginner and a scaredy-cat, I find myself going back to Amanda’s ebooks. I hv printed these out one by one and they are on my bedside table. If her ultimate bundle comes up on sale, spend the money and get it!

    My first goat milk soap a few years ago was a complete disaster. I CPHP. The instructions I had from a web recipe was so bad! How do I know? I compared it to one of Amanda’s in her ebook and hers was so different! The instructions are precise. Thank you Amanda for giving me a reason to do this again!

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