I created this page for members of our Facebook Group, Saponfication Nation. If you are new to soap making, welcome! Below is a list of questions that get asked quite often and answers to get you started.

I’m completely new to soap making. Where do I start?

Where can I find recipes? Gimme all of your recipes!

No problem! I’ve got you covered!

How do I know what base oils to use and what their properties are?

  • Check out our Soap Making Oil Property Chart to get a general idea of what oils to use and what they contribute to soap.
  • Check out these posts on specific oils to learn more about their properties in soap. We’re adding more of these articles in 2017, so check back often!
  • Check out our formulating topics to learn more about creating your own soap recipes.

Where do I order soap supplies?

How do I color my soap?

How do I know how much additive to add to my soap (clay, honey, coffee…etc)?

Can you help me troubleshoot my soap?