We all know that fragrance oils are NOT created equal!  It is sometimes a tedious task researching, finding and trying out new fragrance oils and extremely frustrating when your test batch all of the sudden seizes or the scent you soaped with yesterday is barely recognizable today.  Here are some great resources to help you on your fragrance finding quest!

The Soap Scent Review Board
“For Soap & Toiletries : Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil Reviews, Descriptions & Blend Ideas”

The Scent Forum
“Fragrance Oil Reviews for Candle Making, Soap Making, Fragrance Oil Suppliers”

The Fragrance Oil Finder
The best place to find fragrance oil “type” dupes.

When is comes to trying out new fragrances, fragrance sampler packs are a soaper’s best friend.  Here are a few companies that offer sample packs and sample sizes!

Peak Candle Supplies  
Fragrance Sampler Pack: Choice of 10 – $19.99 “Here is an opportunity to give our fragrance oils a test drive.  You will receive ten 1 oz. samples of the fragrance oils you specify.”

Southern Soapers
SS offers a Cheap Thrills Glass Vial Samples for all of their fragrances oils.  $1.00 each.

From their website:
What Can a Cheap Thrill Be used for?
Our Cheap Thrills fragrance vials are an economical way to smell a fragrance before purchasing a larger quantity. This lets you save money and prevents you purchasing fragrance oils you find you really don’t care for. But, what can you scent with a Cheap Thrill? Each small glass perfume vial holds 1/8th of a teaspoon of fragrance oil.

A Cheap Thrill will scent:
Perfume Rollette filled with jojoba oil, making a wonderful perfumed body oil to dab on pulse points.
4 oz Melt & Pour bar of soap
small wax tart for your wax melter
bath bomb (make mix, scent small portions individually)
8 oz jar of bath salts or sugar scrub
4 – 8 oz bottle of lotion
4 – 8 oz bottle of body wash

So, even though the Cheap Thrills were designed to just let you sniff before buying, you can still use them for many creative projects. Many customers blend a few and create unique fragrance blends.

Southern Garden Scents

SGS has a couple of fragrance samplers available.

1 oz Sampler (8 Scents) – $21.00
Choose one ounce each of 8 different fragrances of your choice.

“Sniffy” Sampler of 5 Fragrances (1 ML) – Free Shipping! – $3.00
Each vial sample contains approximately 1 ml of fragrance. Choose 5 samples for each “Sniffy” Sampler.


Elements Bath and Body
Elements offers sample vials of their fragrances – $1.00 each

Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies

Best of BB Fragrance Oil Sampler, 1 sampler kit – $20.49 for about 6 ounces
Kit includes a sample-sized (about ½ ounce) bottle of each of their twelve top selling fragrance oils:

Oatmeal, Milk, Honey
Vanilla Select
Sensuous Sandalwood
White Tea and Ginger
Island Coconut
Cybilla Almond
Cybilla Yuzu

Several other kits available.

Wholesales Supplies Plus

WSP offers several “collection” kits but not really sample packs.  I think they are still a great buy and offer you easy planning for shows and seasons.

I’m sure I’ve missed some companies that offer sample packs.  If you can think of any, please post in the comments section!  We would love to know!