Oh. My. Gosh.

I ordered one of these solid shampoo bars from GetLathered after doing some research on The Dish and running across posts after post about these solid shampoo bars. I really like Jason’s Tea Tree shampoo but it leaves my hair heavy, stringy and just nasty. I’ve tried other handmade shampoos and just haven’t found anything that does it for me. So of course when I ordered one of these I did so with low expectations. Here is what they say about the bar…

“It produces abundant, mild lather that is gentle, even to processed hair. I have added herbal extracts of yarrow, nettle, sage, lavender, and horsetail, as well as proteins, and panthenol to promote healthy, shiny hair. The fragrance is an essential oil blend featuring of luscious, juicy lemons paired with the lovely floral bouquet of lavender. It is zesty and bright.”

I bought the Lemon Lavender…it’s definitely more lemon than lavender (which is just fine by me). I love lemon. Usually I’m a morning shower kind of girl but after I received it in the mail yesterday I had to jump in the shower to try it out.

I got my hair wet, rubbed the bar on my strands and lathered it on. I wouldn’t say it produces a huge amount of lather but it produces enough to get the job done. As I was rinsing I noticed my hair was pretty squeaky clean. Running my fingers through my hair after I got out was pretty impossible because it was so squeaky clean. It was a bit in tangles. I didn’t want to use conditioner or anything because I wanted to see how it was without it. I brushed it and let it air dry.

Up until now it felt like using Jason’s or some of the other handmade shampoos I’ve tried. Same sort of lather, same sort of squeaky clean. But after it dried was when I noticed the difference and it BLEW ME AWAY! After it dried my hair was soft…light- not weighted down. I could run my fingers through it; it was smooth and silky…almost like I had used conditioner. I really couldn’t believe it. I definitely plan to order again and will probably get a conditioning bar also. I’m not sure if it’s really needed but I would like to try one. If you haven’t used a solid shampoo bar before I highly recommend getting one of these and trying it. GetLathered on Etsy. You’ll be glad you did!