I was blown away by all of my most recent purchases on Etsy.  From design to scent…and especially packaging…these soap artists made some awesome products!

First up is Buttermilk Creek Soap Studio. 

My favorite thing about this soap was the packaging.  I love the natural look of the paper and clear see through labels. 

The soap is awesome!  It is hard as a rock and lathered abundantly.  I couldn’t believe how hard it was…seriously.  The color was stunning…I don’t think my picture did it justice.  And the scent, Violet and lime, was amazing.  The lotion was wonderful as well and was scented with Lemoncello.

And then we have The Soap Seduction.

Again…the labels and packaging were very professional and just plain cute.  The little sample jars were adorable. 

One of my favorite things about this shop is the soap descriptions…

“After a long night of hard partying or late night studying (yeah, right), you need a gentle, yet effective pick-me-up. Shower up with this all-natural soap! Scented lightly in pure peppermint essential oil, it’s not over-powering, but the steam will gently release waves of minty bliss while the poppy seeds tickle and buff away the previous day’s gunk…”

Yes…I knew “The Morning After Pure Peppermint” soap was for me.  🙂  I have a thing for peppermint and a thing for scrubbies…so this soap rocks!

The lip balm is amazing…I haven’t tried the scrub and lotion yet though both smell amazing. 

You’re probably familiar with her blog…which frequently makes my day by mixing soap porn and her wonderful humor.  But in case you’re not…go visit…you’ll be glad you did.

This soap I found on SMF in the gallery and immediately went and purchased it.  This soap artist is seriously talented with the gemstone looking soap design.  I was blown away when I received it.  I’m going to have a hard time using this soap…I just want to stare at it!

You can find ADKaromatherapy here on Etsy. 

And last but certainly not least…I ordered soap from Lippincott Soap Co.  Again…beautiful packaging!  I especially loved how she packaged the lip balm in the paper with ends twisted. 

The soap is orange clove…a scent I’ve been wanting to try.

One of the coolest things about this shop is they offer two sample packs.  You can get a sample pack of four soaps or ten.  I ordered the ten pack.  Each sample comes with a label and in it’s own package.  I love it.  

Like I said…some seriously talented soap makers!  I loved every single product I received.