Today I taught two soap classes.  We had the Intro to CP Soap Class, had a pizza break and then those that wanted to stay for the Artisan Soap Design Class took that class!  It was a blast.  We had two out of towners, Farida from the UK (she was visiting family in the US) and Shelly from Shamrock, TX about 5 hours away.  So it was good they got to knock both classes out in one day! 

Here’s the Intro to CP Soap Class!  They did a great job!

I love it when I have guys in my class!  Gary here just had a baby!  He’s working on measuring out some palm oil. 

J.C. and Beverly working as a team measuring out liquid oils.

After a pizza break we got started on the Artisan Soap Design Class.

Here Farida is working on a slab swirl.  You can see she’s getting the color down throughout the soap!


Tomara is making a layered soap with a mica line.

Shelly is up front working on her swirl and Tomara is in the back working on her layered soap. 

Great job, everybody!