My Mom and Dad came over yesterday.  Our water heater flooded (again) so it was time for a new water heater and my Dad happens to be a handy dandy plumber.  (YAY!)  I was bit by the soaping bug yesterday and decided it was high time to introduce my Mom to the wonderful world of making soap!  She’s been wanting a facial soap so here’s what we made.

We loaded it with lot’s of goodness.  Here’s the recipe…

Mama’s Face Soap:
Avocado oil – 1 oz
Castor oil – 2 oz
Cocoa butter – 2 oz
Coconut oil – 6 oz
Olive oil – 8 oz
Wheat Germ oil – 1 oz
Lard – 9 oz

Other good stuff added at trace:
Baby Carrot food – 2 oz
Kaolin Clay – 2 teaspoons
Ground Oatmeal – 2 tablespoons
Essential oil blend of lavender, tea tree and rosemary

And here she is in action!  *smile*

Mixing it up!

Pouring it into the mold!

The next day it was ready to unmold.  I think it turned out beautiful and it smells divine!  I’ll have to save me a slice or two before I deliver it after it’s cured!

Good job, Mom!