I had a private soap session with a soaping buddy, Jennifer.  She had taken my basic soapmaking class at Taylored Concepts.  We soaped for over 4 hours!  I think it was closer to 5.  We had a BLAST!  Here’s what we made…

First thing she wanted to learn how to do was a swirl.  I think she did pretty darn good!  You can see the different swirl patterns in the soap.  We went over how to get different swirl looks.

Then she wanted to learn how to do a layerd soap with a line in the middle.  We used Bramble Berry’s new neon colors.  The bottom is Fizzy Lemonade and the top is Fired Up Fuchsia.  We did a thin cocoa line in the middle between the layers and textured the top a bit with some glitter. 

Next up was whipped soap.  

We used Bramble Berry’s Vanilla Select to scent the bases so those should turn a dark brown.  We scented the purple cupcake tops with Bramble Berry’s Lilac and the yellow with Bramble Berry’s Sweet Meyer Lemon.  We used TKB’s pop colors (RIP) to get the bright purple and yellow. 

All together.

We also made an emulsified sugar scrub which turned out fantastic.


We had a blast!  Here’s a picture of us which I made really bright.  We decided we didn’t look that great after 5 hours of soaping…but here we are!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!