I love soaping in PVC.  It’s one of my favorite molds to use for making 3″ round soap!

It can sometimes be a bit tough to unmold your soap especially if you’ve used a recipe high in soft oils or a recipe high is castor oil (which makes sticky soap in high amounts).  You can rub with mineral oil.  But you know…I don’t want to use mineral oil.

So I’ve found a source for liners that fit 3″ pvc pipes and 3″ mailing tubes that are up to 10″ tall.  I use these to line the molds in my soap making classes.

Line the mold with the liner and pour in your soap.  After you pour your soap in you’ll pull on the liner a bit to smooth out any wrinkles or creases that might form.

24 hours later simply pull the bag of soap out.

Remove the liner from the soap.  Turn inside out and peel from the soap.  It comes off very easily!

Slice up your soap!

These make lining 3″ PVC pipes or 3″ mailing tubes a breeze.

These are so nifty, I wanted to offer them for sale.  $12.00 will get you 25 liners and includes first class shipping in the US.  Order here!