These soap bags make round soaps that are 1 7/8″.  They are perfect as guest size bars or for use as embeds!  Here’s how the bags work…

Bring your soap to light trace.

Insert a funnel into the bag and pour in the soap leaving a couple of inches.  You might want to have two people do this but I managed it on my own.  Hold the funnel at the base along with the bag.  Pour in your soap.

Remove the funnel, twist the bag of soap and secure tightly with a rubber band.

Then you’ll use a binder clip to secure it somewhere to hang.  I have a microwave cart that I used in the kitchen.  You could also use a clothes hanger in the closet or somewhere safe.

Give it a tug and make sure that it is secure.  Be sure you let it sit somewhere where dogs or children won’t mess with it.  Mine felt extremely secure but just to be on the safe side I put a pot underneath in case they fell or broke open.  They never did…but I like to be extra cautious.

These soaps did end up gelling which suprised me a bit.  But I prefer gelled soap so it was a good suprise.  The bags hold up well to the high heat of gel phase.

Once cut they make 1 7/8″ round soaps.  You do have a little waste at the top and the bottom but I just use those as my tester bars or cut up for embeds.

$10.00 will get you 20 liners and includes first class shipping in the US. Payment through Paypal – email me, to order.

I don’t sell these bags anymore. You can purchase flat poly bags from