First up.  A new mold.  Well, not exactly a new mold…but a silicone liner!  Bramble Berry sells the liner and I had a friend make the box.  BB also sells the mold box if you need one.

I also wanted to try out a new palm free recipe using some silk that my friend Holly Port sent me.  I’ve never used silk before so ya’ll tell me if I’m doing it wrong!

Silk Soap Recipe

Almond oil – 5 oz
Avocado oil – 5 oz
Castor oil – 4 oz
Rice bran oil – 5 oz
Olive oil – 18 oz
Shea butter – 5 oz
Coconut oil – 18 oz

Water – 12 oz (I did a discount since I have all of the soft oils)
Lye – 8.4 oz
Silk – a pinch

This recipe makes 5 pounds of finished soap which fits perfectly in the Bramble Berry liner.

This is my first time using silk so I have no idea if I did this right or not.  I’ve heard to add it to the lye water.  So I pinched off a bit and added it to the lye water.  I’m kinda thinking I used too much…but not sure.

I melted the coconut oil and shea butter, then added the liquid oils. I strained the lye water (use a stainless steel strainer) to make sure there weren’t any floaters from the silk.

Then I added an essential oil blend of tea tree, litsea and grapefruit.  Yum.  And brought the mixture to trace.

Then into the new Bramble Berry silicone liner it went.

I unmolded after 24 hours. It was super easy even with a partial gel. I thought maybe the edges or corners would stick. The liner is smooth as glass which also made the soap bottom and sides smooth as glass!

Perfect! Easy! I see using this liner quite often.

Next up…short and sweet. I made a silicone mold for a Gibson P90 guitar pickup! I used Brown Mica and a splash of yellow neon (from BB) to make the cream color and I used vintage grey mica (BB) on the screws. Here is the resulting soap made out of MP.  It came out really great!

Have a great week and happy soaping!