Turn any bar of soap into a massage bar!  How, you ask?

You’ll need this 9 ball mold from Bramble Berry and you’ll need a base mold.  I used the bottom part only of the 4 Sphere Mold from Bramble Berry.  But you can use whatever mold you want your base shape to be.

First you’ll need to make little massage balls using the 9 ball mold.

Then melt and pour your base shapes leaving a little over 1/4 inch at the top.

Let these form a nice thick skin so it will support the next layer.

Once ready, spray the base soaps with alcohol and pour on a thin layer of soap.  (Don’t fill completely full because the balls will raise the level when you insert them.)  Spray the little massage spheres with alcohol and insert them where you want them on the bars.

And now you have cute little massage bars!  And the best part is…you can turn any bar into a massage bar using the 9 sphere mold.