My blog has been a bit quiet for awhile now.  Since I’ve started the Lovin’ Soap Project (be sure to check out how we’re empowering women through soapmaking), most of my time and efforts have been going into that.  Now that we’ve got a plan of action and are moving forward, I’m hoping to get back to it with Lovin’ Soap, creating tutorials, writing blog posts…etc.

The Lovin’ Soap Project just launched a new publication, The Soap Collaborative, as a THANK YOU to our donors signed up for the recurrent donation program.  If you don’t want to be a monthly donor…no problem!  We have the back issues here for sale.

I’m excited about a busy conference season and will be speaking at the Guild Conference (during the member’s lunch about LSP), Central Soapers Workshop and the TN Soap and Candle Social.

Another super exciting thing…I’m working on final edits on my soapmaking book and have an exciting and interactive plan for getting it published (more on that later).  Here are the sections and topics that will be included:

The Basics of Soapmaking
Equipment and Tools
General Overview
Using a Scale
A Basic Recipe
The Basic Process

Beyond the Basics
Molds for Soapmaking
Determining Batch Size
Scenting Soap
-Fragrance Oils
-Essential Oils
-Using Blends
Coloring Soap
-Natural Colorants
Additives in Soap

Advanced Topics
Discounting Water
Superfatting and Lye Discounting
Gel Phase
Emulsion vs. Trace

Formulating Recipes
Soapmaking Base Oil Chart
Using Lye Calculators
Single Oil Soaps
How to Modify a Recipe

Terms to Know
Common Soapmaking Abbreviations
Soap Suppliers
Online Tutorials and Instruction
Soapmaking Publications
Soapmaking Trade Organizations
Soapmaking Conferences

Anything missing that you’d like to see?  Just leave a comment or shoot me an email.