It’s been a bit quiet around here…and for good reason! I’ve been furiously finishing a book on how to teach craft classes!

I’m running a pre-sell to help cover the costs of printing.  You can check it out here! 


In How To Teach Your Craft: Creating Revenue by Teaching Classes and Workshops, Amanda Gail walks you through the process of creating a craft education business based on your craft or art. From coming up with class ideas, creating content and pricing classes to setting up your business, insurance and creating release forms, you’ll be well on your way to starting your own business after finishing this book!

Along the way Amanda shares her story on how she built her career teaching classes and how she co-founded a not-for-profit teaching her craft – soapmaking.

Whether your craft is painting, knitting, papermaking, pottery or cat hair weaving, you can make exceptional income by teaching what you know!

Thanks for taking a look!