Since I published my book, Lovin’ Soap Studio Cold Process Recipe Book, which features 64 essential oil blends, I get asked a lot where I get my essential oils.

essential oils for soap

The easy answer is…it varies!

I don’t have a single source; I use many sources.

I get most of my stock from Theresa Mendez at Wandering Thistle Studio. She sells essential oils to soapmakers and since I’m in Dallas occasionally I can pickup and save on shipping.

My two other favorite sources are Liberty Natural and Rainbow Meadow.

UPDATE! I forgot about Camden-Grey. I’ve ordered many smaller quantities of expensive essential oils from them.

Vanilla Oleoresin seems to be one that people ask about most often. I bought some from Theresa and I’ve also purchased it from Rainbow Meadow, but it seems they are out.

I don’t stray too far away from the above sources for essential oils. I go through them slowly since I don’t sell product (I just teach classes). So I’m not ordering every month.

So I’m wondering…where do you get your essential oils? Thanks for your input!


-Amanda Gail