One of my favorite books in our industry is Ruth Esteve’s Coloring Soap Naturally eBook! I’ve recommended it to many soapmakers over the years. The content is timeless, as soapers have been using herbs and spices to color soap for ages and will continue to do so into the future. Coloring Soap Naturally is wonderful to look through when coming up with natural soaps and designs.

natural soap colors

There is a TON of trial and error when it comes to working with natural spices, herbs and botanicals to color soap. In Coloring Soap Naturally, Ruth has done the work for you and has compiled the results into this wonderful resource! She tested 34 different natural ingredients and added them to soap three different ways, to trace, in the lye and as an infusion. She also shows the results of gelled and un-gelled soap. So each natural colorant features 6 pictures of results!

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