There are many options for packaging handcrafted soap. I’ll be featuring many different styles and types to help get your creative juices flowing! Today, let’s talk about soap cigar band labels. Cigar band labels are simply a paper or cardboard label that wraps around the bar of soap, either around the width of the soap, covering the sides of the soap or the height of the soap, covering the top and bottom.

Soap Packaging Ideas – Soap Cigar Band Labels

Once you are ready to sell your soap, you will need to design branded labels with your information. Some soapmakers do this in a program like Word, some soapmakers DIY and use a design program like Photoshop or Illustrator and some soapmakers hire a designer to design their labels. I highly recommend finding a designer to professionally design your soap labels.

There are label requirements for soap. Check out Marie Gale’s website to get more info on how to label soap.

How to Package Soap with Soap Cigar Band Labels

Step 1 – Print out your label sheets. You can also get your labels professionally printed.

Step 2 – Using a paper cutter, cut them out.

soap cigar band labels

Step 3 – Using a glue stick, apply glue to one of the edges.


Step 4 – Center the label on the front of the soap. Pulling the label tightly, wrap it around your soap. Press hard and hold down the glued edge for a few seconds.

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Happy Soap Labeling!

-Amanda Gail