I am so excited to announce that Benjamin completed his first eCourse!  Check it out here! We’ve got it on sale as an introduction; it will go full price next week.

Benjamin eCourse

This class is taught using a series of videos.

Setting Up Your Soap and Bodycare Business for Success E-Course will empower you to take control of your business by looking at your product cost, pricing and creating a top-down budget for your business.

Do you even have a budget for your business? Using a top-down approach to creating a budget helps you set business and income goals. When done with this course you will have an income goal and a plan & budget for how to make it happen!

This course is for business owners and budding business owners who need a plan of action to take their business to the next level.

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Module 1: Gross Revenue, Profit Margins and Expenses (10 min, 48 sec)

  • We’ll review what gross revenue (gross income) is.
  • We’ll discuss what a profit margin is.
  • We’ll discuss common expenses that a soap and bodycare business will have.

Module 2: Planning Your Fiscal Year Sales (19 min, 29 sec)

  • Evaluate your product line. Are you offering too much stuff?
  • Determine what products you will offer.
  • Discuss software to track your materials cost.
  • Finding raw materials cost of your products. (We’ll walk through an example.)
  • Determining recipe cost and per item cost.
  • Make a list of what you will sell.

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Module 3: Pricing Your Products (22 min, 20 sec)

  • Evaluate your branding (logo, packaging, website).
  • Discuss various pricing scenarios.
  • We’ll look at examples of well-branded companies.
  • Branding/Re-branding quiz.

Module 4: Gross Revue Goals and Your Budget (21 min, 48 sec)

  • Making a realistic revenue goal for your upcoming fiscal year.
  • Use the top down approach to create a budget based on your expenses.
  • Breaking down your numbers.

Module 5: Making Sales Projections to Create Income Goals (12 min, 31 sec)

  • Create realistic percentages of revenue, per month.
  • Determine how much you will spend on materials & packaging, per product category.

Module 6: Putting It All Together (20 min, 8 sec)

  • Compile all data from Modules 1 – 5 into a comprehensive fiscal budget.

Benjamin eCourse