You’ve asked and we’ve answered! You love our products, you already share them with your followers, and now you can earn money doing so because…drumroll… Lovin’ Soap is excited to announce the launch of our new affiliate program! Now you will be able to earn a generous 25% commission on all sales using your unique affiliate code when you sign up for our new affiliate program!

Here’s how you can earn income promoting our products:

After you are approved to join our affiliate program, you will create your own unique affiliate link. We’ve provided banners and images for easy integration into your website and email communications. Using your own marketing techniques, you will then send your followers to our website via your affiliate link. In addition, we will also be providing you with tips on how to market our products to your followers. It’s that easy!

How can you become an Affiliate of Lovin’ Soap?

You need to apply at and be approved by Lovin’ Soap. Please indicate in your application where and how you will be promoting our products.

What products can I earn money on?

All eBooks written by Amanda Gail or Benjamin Aaron are eligible to earn affiliate commission. Please note that eCourses, classes, workshops, and eBooks written by guests are not included in the affiliate commission. A detailed list of each title that is eligible will be provided to you upon approval of your application.

What is expected of an affiliate of Lovin’ Soap?

As an affiliate, we expect you to communicate and promote our products with your followers through your website, social media, and email list.

How much can an Affiliate earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn! You will receive 25% of the sales from individuals using your unique referral link no matter how much that is!

How will I get paid?

Lovin’ Soap will pay you all of your earned commission by the 10th of each month via PayPal only.

Are you ready to get started?

Great! We are so thankful and appreciative of your interest and promotion of our products, and we are so glad we can finally reward you for your efforts! So, if you are interested in earning 25% of all sales from your referrals, head on over to to get started! It is that simple!

Happy Soaping!

Amanda Gail