This turned out to be one of my favorite soaps! I love the color scheme and the contrast between the ball embeds and the light pink soap base. The gold mica gives the embeds a ring of gold. I scented this using Champagne fragrance oil from Bramble Berry.

So if you missed the blog post Creating Piped Flower Embeds for Cold Process Soap, go check it out! I simply took the wonky flowers that I piped and some leftover flowers and rolled them into balls.

You can create ball embeds from any soap that you’ve made. It still needs to be a bit soft so rolling cured soap is next to impossible. Soap that is a day or two old works best.

Roll your soap into balls!

If you’d like the halo effect, toss and roll into mica. I used a gold mica.

Next make a batch of soap as usual. I used the same recipe from this blog post –Flower Garden Soap with Piped Flower Embeds.

Bring it to medium trace. You don’t want to pour at light trace or your embeds will simply sink to the bottom of your loaf!

Color, if you’re going to color. I added a pink mica and some white mica to lighten it.

Pour a third of your soap into your mold.

Add a layer of embeds.

Repeat two more times. If you find that your embeds simply sink, then you’ll need to thicken up your soap to support them.

And there you have it! A beautiful soap with round embeds.

Let your soap sit overnight to saponify. Cut and cure your soap for 4-6 weeks.

Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Aaron