Hello wonderful soap and skin care makers.

My latest book, Creating a Soap & Skin Care Brand, is now officially ready for purchase on Amazon as a hard copy or in Kindle version.

The journey traveled to write this book comprised my past experience as an entrepreneur in our burgeoning cottage industry. Though there were pitfalls along the way, I created a beautiful brand for my customers to fall in love with. I created a unique message that catered to my specific, targeted consumer base. For that matter, I created my specific, targeted consumer base through my own desires coupled with what my company deemed important.

Through trial and [lots of] error, I stumbled my way into a shared sense of belonging with a customer I created through powerful messages, images and character. My company took on a persona of its own, which gave trust and familiarity to a growing base of people.

I created a brand, not just great products.

I wrote this book because I want you to know the true power of creating a strong character with strong values. It’s not enough to make great products. You must sell your products to provide for you and yours.

It is easy to get caught up in the selling of your products, and how that may seem a struggle. And, it is a struggle without a solid brand with a solid message. Without a solid brand and strong messages of value and worth, you simply cannot compete with an ever-growing industry of handcrafted, artisan goods. Selling (and thus making a living) becomes extraordinarily easy when you have a brand.

A huge, beautiful Oak tree produces acorns as a source of reproduction and sustenance for other creatures. It cannot do this without water and sunlight. Alas, without water and sunlight, the tree would be no more than a stump, struggling to survive.

Your marketing and branding techniques are your water and sunlight. Yes, you have a business (the tree), but it always struggle and be stumpy without water and sunlight (marketing and branding).

This book provides you the water and sunlight for your business to flourish. Not only does it delve into the much-needed paradigms of our money mentality as a society (and how you as a business owner must change your thinking), but provides empirical cases of how companies brand to a specific set of people, and how you can follow suit in doing the same. Success always leaves clues. You will garner clues and insight from this book that you otherwise might not be privy to in the crazy world of marketing and branding.

Whether you like it or not, appearances matter. If you don’t play the game, you will be left behind.

Finally, this book is about fun. Branding your company – creating a persona of sorts for people to attach themselves to – should be a fun and meaningful endeavor. Allow yourself to have fun as you implement the messages in this book.

Thank you,