Benjamin and I have been keeping a bit quiet, enjoying our new daughter Juniper Blue. I’ve spent hours nursing and rocking her, and just staring at her beautiful face.

She was born December 7 and already has changed so much in the short time we’ve had her. Her little personality is starting to develop and her expressions are so varied and fun to watch.

She is simply adorable and we are having so much fun being her parents. Here are some pics from the hospital.

She is such a good baby (knock on wood!). She sleeps well at night, only getting up about twice to nurse. She barely cries unless I’m moving too slow to feed her. She enjoys tummy time and sitting with Daddy while he reads her books or plays music.

Her favorite song is Stevie Wonder’s You Are The Sunshine of My Life. We literally played that once a day over coffee while I was carrying her. When we were in the hospital there was one moment when we couldn’t soothe her (I had trouble nursing…who knew that didn’t come naturally!?). Benjamin played her song and she immediately calmed down. So funny!

Everyone is telling us to enjoy her and live in the moment because they grow up fast. And we’ve been doing just that. We’ve been a bit neglectful of the blog and the FB Group, but we’re back at it now! We have lots planned for 2018.

But, when you own your own business, you DO eventually have to get back to work even if just a little bit! So, to celebrate the birth of our daughter (and to make up a bit of income lost while hibernating with her) we’re having a huge sale!

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Thank you!

And please know how grateful we are for your business. Because of you and your support of we are both able to be with her during this time. That is a huge blessing and gift. Thank you!

p.s. Any advice for new parents? Please leave a comment for us! 🙂 🙂