(Sponsored Post! I was given a Replica Studio and a few surfaces to try out and share my opinion! However, I’ve been a customer since 2019 and already LOVE these surfaces!)

Check out Replica Surfaces here!

Taking product photos can be tough. But really, it’s one of the most important things when selling online. Customers are quick to judge when shopping online and since they can’t smell or hold your soap in their hand, the photographs you share will quickly influence someone’s decision to purchase (or not!). Great product photos are a must if you sell online!

We’re working on some photography resources for soap makers at Lovin Soap! Stay tuned for that! I am sooooo excited to break down the basics and give makers a quick and easy blue-print for taking beautiful photos.

Today, I’m reviewing Replica Surfaces. As mentioned quickly above, I’ve been a customer since 2019! I believe I landed on their beautiful products by clicking on a Facebook Ad. I joined their VIP Group, even before I had purchased, and the rest is history. I really loved the surfaces but was focused on having babies (my third and last born this year!) and moving across country from Kansas City to Florida. Whew! It’s been a crazy few years.

I’ve dabbled in photography over the years, getting serious about it in 2019. I actually started a side business taking newborn photographs! Ahhh I loved it, but then…covid happened and I shut down my new business when the pandemic started.

The photography bug has hit me again and it’s all about product photography these days!

Let me tell you why I LOVE these Replica Surfaces!

White and Rose Marble

So, first of all, what are they?

Replica Surfaces are 23″ x 23″ photography boards that serve as surfaces and backdrops! You connect two surfaces using Replica stands and you then have your surface and backdrop! They are rigid, ultra-thin, lightweight and super portable! They come in hyper-realistic prints such as marble, concrete, sandstone, slate, tile, etc. Check out all the designs here. You can mix and match surfaces to create over 150 combinations! No matter your brand, you’ll find the perfect combo for your products.

Subway Tile and Rose Marble

They are the perfect size!

Replica surfaces are 23″ x 23″. Soap isn’t big! We don’t need a huge photography setup to take product photos. I love these surfaces because you can easily setup on the dining room table or even dedicate a side table to hold them. They have plenty of surface to create wide angle shots of soap.

They also aren’t very heavy! I’ve used tiles from the hardware store for surfaces and they are just too heavy to use and store (for me!).

Subway Tile and Natural Walnut

They’re rigid!

These surfaces are solid and sturdy. I used to use scrapbook paper and even soft backdrops in a light box. What I like about these is I can line up 4 surfaces on my long studio table and take my time setting up each scene. Then I can just pick it up and move it over to my studio to take the shot! Since they’re rigid, they don’t crinkle or ruin. I can use over and over again. They seem like they’ll last awhile!


They’re wipe-able!

These surfaces clean up nicely if they get a bit dirty! I have learned a few things, specifically when it comes to soap.

  1. As soapmakers, we use alcohol a lot to clean things related to soapmaking. Do not use alcohol to clean your surfaces as it will take the print off and ruin your surfaces. Ask me how I know! RIP Marble surface. Ha!
  2. Don’t allow fragrance or essential oil to touch the surface…same as above. They are solvents and will take the ink off your surface. I mention this because you might set a beautiful amber essential oil bottle on the surface for your shot; just make sure to wipe it completely down before you do.
  3. If you place a bar of soap onto your surface and it leaves behind a little soapy residue, be sure to clean it up with a damp cloth as soon as you’re done. I’ve noticed that if I let soap residue sit on them, it takes the ink off (again probably the fragrance/essential oil in the soap or just the soap itself, as soap has solvent properties). If you want to take extra care, always place your soap on a prop such as a towel, plate, bowl, soap dish, cutting board…you get the idea!
Rose Marble

The Replica Studio

This product is what I’m most excited to share with you. I somehow missed the launch of the studio because I had no idea about it until Mandy mentioned it to me! The Replica team came up with a studio that holds the surfaces perfectly so that you can create a little shooting area anywhere in your house. It easily rolls and swivels, which is perfect for chasing the natural light around your house. I have a tiny soap studio at the moment and I can easily make room for the studio. I love that I can take my time setting up shots and not take up room on my soapmaking table or computer desk (or dining room table!). Ha!

Check out the Replica Studio here.

It is adjustable (up and down) so you can take regular eye level photos as well as flat lays.

It can hold surfaces as well as light modifiers! (More on that soon as I share my setup in the future!)

The Replica Studio! The perfect size for any studio!

And my favorite thing about Replica Studio… Mandy and the Replica Studio VIP Group!

I’m all about celebrating the success of women, especially when it comes to starting and running a business! Mandy started Replica as a Kickstarter campaign…and the rest is history! Read her story here. I joined their Facebook Group before I had purchased any surfaces (you don’t have to have purchased to join) and fell in love! The community is so helpful and supportive. It’s a great place to hang out and get photography tips and tricks and to see inspiration.

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Replica has given us a coupon code to use storewide at www.replicasurfaces.com. Use coupon code SAPON15 to get 15% off your order! Coupon is good through Aug 18 at 11:59 pm CST.

Stay tuned for more photography resources coming soon!

I’d love to hear from you!

If you could design your own surface print, what design would you want for your soap!?!

Here’s three that I would love. A farmhouse bathroom-scape with a claw-foot tub, vintage penny-round tile…and a cute edge of bathtub-scape with a bathtub full of bubbles. Not even sure if that makes sense outside of my mind. Ha!

Happy Soaping