Learn to Formulate Cold Process Soap Recipe eClass

1 hour, 30-minute video lesson

PDF download with detailed instructions

Confidently formulate your own cold process soap recipes that produce a product you can be proud of!

Do lye calculations freak you out? Do fatty acid profiles leave you scratching your head? Maybe you’ve tried a number of recipes that didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to.

In this hour and a half video eClass, I outline everything you need to know to confidently formulate your own soap recipes that actually produce a product you can be proud of!

In the Learn to Formulate Cold Process Soap Recipe eClass, I take the guesswork out of formulating your own recipes. My informative discussion covers fatty acid profiles, single oil soaps, modifying recipes and starting ratios.

You’ll learn how to customize soap for a variety of skin types including sensitive skin, oily skin and dry skin, and how changing the base oil will get you different qualities in your soap.

Why formulate your own recipes?

  • Handcrafted soap isn’t one-size-fit-all. With the knowledge from this eClass, you’ll be able to customize a recipe for a baby’s sensitive skin and formulate another recipe for a mechanic who works with grease and oil all day. The customizations are endless!
  • Have you ever tried a soap recipe that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to? Maybe you wished it was more moisturizing or had a creamier lather. When you understand the artform of formulating your own soap recipes, you’ll be able adjust existing recipes for many different outcomes.
  • Formulating your own recipes is good for your soap business. Building your soap business around someone else’s recipe isn’t ideal. Stand out from the crowd by customizing your own unique soap recipes that are one-of-a-kind.

About the Video Course

This 1 hour, 30-minute video eClass covers the following topics:

  • Fatty acid profiles
  • Single oil soaps
  • How to modify recipes
  • Starting ratios
  • Going palm-free
  • Tips and tricks for formulating recipes that work

*This eClass is recommended for beginning soapmakers that have a general overview of the soapmaking process. It’s perfect for experienced soapmakers who want to develop their own recipes.

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About the Instructor!

Hello! I’m Amanda Aaron. I’ve been making soap since 2008. I fell in love with cold process soap and soon made it my career. I’ve been teaching soap making classes and workshops since 2009 and write about soap making on my blog,

I’ve taught at conferences and seminars all over the U.S. and have published numerous soap making books and eBooks.

Thanks for coming into my online classroom and allowing me to teach you about formulating!