Making Salt Bars – Creating Decadent Spa Bars by Combining Sea Salt and Cold Process Soap eBook + 12 Recipes

Making Salt Bars – Creating Decadent Spa Bars by Combining Sea Salt and Cold Process Soap eBook + 12 Recipes


(53 customer reviews)

Learn how to make salt bars by combining sea salt and cold process soap with recipes and step by step tutorials.

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Making Salt Bars – Creating Decadent Spa Bars by Combining Sea Salt and Cold Process Soap eBook + 12 Recipes

  • 8.5 x 8.5 PDF eBook download | 76 Pages | Full Color

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Learn the magic behind combining sea salt and cold process soap to create spa-worthy salt bars!

The benefits of incorporating sea salt into your cold process soap vary from practical to exotic.

Whichever end of the spectrum you prefer, you’re guaranteed to love the Salt Bar recipes and step-by-step tutorials included in the eBook and print edition of Making Salt Bars – Creating Decadent Spa Bars by Combining Sea Salt and Cold Process Soap!

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Why Sea Salt Bars?

Sea salt is purifying, serves as a natural antiseptic, and acts as an astringent. It’s especially useful for clearing acne as it gets into the pores, kills bacteria and cleanses the cells in your skin.

Salt bars last FOREVER in the shower. In our experience, they last longer than regular bars of soap, giving you the most value for your money.

Salt bars are hard! Salt bars work well with individual cavity molds that you can’t usually use with your regular soap recipes. The soap gets hard fast and will pop right out of the molds. Bring out those cute decorative molds that didn’t work well with your regular cold process soap and try them with a salt bar recipe – you won’t be disappointed!

Salt bars are inexpensive to make. Salt bars contain mostly coconut oil and sea salt, both of which are fairly inexpensive. In fact, coconut oil is one of the cheaper oils used to make soap. Also, sea salt can be purchased in bulk from many suppliers.

Make wonderful spa-like soap or facial bars of soap. Your customers will love hearing about the benefits of sea salt on their skin and will pay more for these specialty bars of soap.

The Making Salt Bars eBook includes 12 customizable recipes and in-depth instruction on how to formulate your very own recipes to meet yours, and your customers, individual needs.

I take you beyond the recipe, into the science behind combining ingredients to create Salt Bar Soap that has a lotion-like lather, exfoliates and creates a nourishing moisturizing quality.

Perfect for newer soap makers and experienced soapers looking to change up their cold process soap with a unique, decadent end product!

Chapters include the following topics:

  • What is a Salt Bar?
  • Creating Your Own Recipes
  • Fragrancing Your Salt Bars
  • Coloring Your Salt Bars
  • Molding Your Salt Bars
  • Lye Safety
  • Using a Scale
  • Basic Salt Bar Process
  • Three Step-by Step Full-Color Design Tutorials
    • Layered Salt Bar Design Tutorial
    • Double Pour Salt Bar Design Tutorial
    • Swirled Salt Bar Design Tutorial
  • 12 Salt Bar Recipes
  • Terms to Know
  • Common Soapmaking Abbreviations
  • Suppliers

12 Salt Bar Recipes Include:

  • Awakening Spa Bar
  • Indigo & Anise Spa Bar
  • Sea Clay & Avocado Spa Bar
  • Rose Clay & Argan Spa Bar
  • Oatmeal & Orange Peel Spa Bar
  • Java & Spearmint Scrub Spa Bar
  • Charcoal & Tea Tree Spa Bar
  • Wild Herb Spa Bar
  • Triple Butter Spa Bar
  • Sweet Safflower Spa Bar
  • Sea Salt & Kelp Spa Bar

salt bars soap

Photography by Busy Bee Creative

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53 reviews for Making Salt Bars – Creating Decadent Spa Bars by Combining Sea Salt and Cold Process Soap eBook + 12 Recipes

  1. Marie Madsen (verified owner)

    I bought the ebook some time ago. Tried the recipes. Love the soaps, great for the skin.

  2. Marie Madsen (verified owner)

    I bought the ebook for some time ago. Tried some of the recipes. Love the soaps, great for the skin. I would recommend.

  3. Kathryn Silvia

    I’m so glad I purchased the book on Amazon a few years ago.
    I have made a lot of salt soaps using these recipes.
    I prefer using salt soaps. My friends & family like them as well.
    My favorite recipe is the triple butter salt soap
    I can’t wait to try the special recipes to make face salt soaps
    I have 2 of her books & both are excellent.

  4. Diana Liggett

    I love the salt bars ebook! These are some of my favorite bars to make! I am looking forward to learning to make them into face bars!

  5. Betty (verified owner)

    contente d’avoir acheté ce livre et le petit cadeau en plus c’était plutôt sympa. j’avais déjà fait des barres de sel mais cela m’a ouvert des possibilités diverses. je ne l’ai pas encore essayé mais ça ne devrait pas tarder.

  6. Carolyne Thrasher

    Good for a beginner soaper. Less helpful if you’ve made salt bars already. Content and layout is excellent. If you are an experienced soaper and buy this on sale, it’s useful for ideas and marketing. Mine came with the salt bars for face too.

  7. Artesanal1980 (verified owner)

    Started seeing the salt soap bars everywhere and was curious about. Loved this book, because it just what I needed. It is well written, clear, concise and straight to the point. I recommend it!.

  8. Mary Martin (verified owner)

    First success at salt bars! Thanks I love this book.

  9. Lisa Harris (verified owner)

    This course was easy to follow and had great recipes that you can tweak and make your own. Great information.

  10. Adiato Baldé (verified owner)

    I’ve just made my salt bars after this book! Got some amazing results! Thank you Amanda!

  11. Deb Jordan (verified owner)

    After reading this e-book, I cannot wait to start formulating and making my own salt bars! A fantastic teaching guide. Thank you Amanda!

  12. Deb Jordan (verified owner)

    Very informative and easy to understand the process of making the salt bars. I cannot wait to start formulating and making my own salt bars! Thank you Amanda!

  13. Melody Cross (verified owner)

    I haven’t made any of the soaps out of this book yet, but I’m excited to try them. All of Amanda and Benjamin’s books are well worth the money. Thank you both for taking the time to share them with the world. You guys are awesome.

  14. Whittany (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed this ebook. I already created my own salt soap recipe before purchasing this book. With the recipes provided and tips and tricks, I feel like I can enhance my recipe even more. I can also try new ones. There’s loads of recipes provided, and there’s step-by-step instructions, great for someone just getting into making salt soaps. I also loved having a personal look at the author. It makes me feel like a friend is sharing guidance with me. (cheesy, I know, but it’s true.)

  15. Claudia Eliaza Zanes

    Ok so let me start by saying that this book is AWESOME! I’ve tried only 2 soaps to date, but I simply love how easy the recipes are. Most call for just one butter. Now that’s my kinda jam. I’m so excited to try some other soaps. They’re hard and last so long in the shower. It truly feels as though I’m at the spa! Do yourself a favor and check this book out.

  16. Corinna

    I am so happy this book on how to make salt bars came in the package of e-books I ordered!

    I have been wanting to make salt bars for a long time and this book is just right to start on it. Easily explained with beautiful pictures and easy recipes!

  17. Chisa

    I have both this e-book and printed version of this book. Love both books!
    Amanda makes every step easy and fun. Everyone loves sal bars!!

  18. Melissa St.Clair (verified owner)

    This book was my introduction to salt bars. The recipes are lovely and easy to follow. You can’t go wrong with any of their books, actually!

  19. Isabelle Seipke (verified owner)

    Happy I purchased the book.The recipes are very straightforward. I have made two of the recipes and the results were wonderful!.

  20. Cathi Harris (verified owner)

    I love Amanda and Benjamin’s books. I have learned so much about soap making from their resources and this salt bar book is no different. I use if often for inspiration and as a reference. It is written in an easy to read manner with great explanations of the process. Thank you Amanda and Benjamin for sharing your knowledge and passion with us.

  21. Angelique Heiligers

    I love this book, it’s great and use it very often 🙂
    I have and love all the books of Amanda and Benjamin, because they are all written in a very easy to understand language, and even if you are new to the soap making, after reading the book you can make your own lovely salt bars.
    What I really appriciate of the books, is that all contain so many different recipes and explainations, why they are different or what they are good for.
    I would highly reccoment the book and the e-classes, to all soap makers.

  22. Jayne Jordan

    The hardest part about this ebook is picking which recipe to start with! I love how the recipes are all scented with essential oils. So far I’ve made the Rose Clay and Argan Spa Bar, Lavender Dreams Spa Bar, and the Charcoal and Tea Tree Spa Bar. But don’t ask me to pick a favorite because I like them all!

  23. Kelly Quinney

    I am brand new to salt bars but am becoming a HUGE fan! I didn’t have Amanda’s book when I created my first recipe, and while they turned out great and people like them, I am so excited to try the recipes in this book and make an even better bar now that I gained all the knowledge she shared in this amazing book! I will be doing this tomorrow and I can’t wait to see the results! Thanks Amanda for sharing all your research with us and helping us to make a better product!

  24. Stephanie Lasayko (verified owner)

    I purchased this book in September, 2017. Very informative book. Lots of good ideas for making salt bars. Glad I added it to my soap making library. Would definitely recommend.

  25. Laura

    I think I own all the Aaron’s recipe books :). I love printing and binding them and pulling them out when I’m wanting to try another new recipe. I especially love the Charcoal & Tea Tree Sea Salt recipe w/Peppermint Essential Oil. It’s one of my customers top picks too! I love the wealth of Essential Oil blend ideas in their books too, especially when I had no clue where to begin!

  26. Kelly G (verified owner)

    I love the Making Salt Bars book. The recipes are easy to follow and the essential oil combinations are lovely. You won’t regret this purchase.

  27. Shirley

    I love salt bars and this is the only book dedicated to salt bars. I’m glad I purchased this and have almost all of Amanda’s books.

  28. Kasia (verified owner)

    The best ebook on salt bars I could find.
    Easy to understand and packed with solid information.
    It inspired me to make and use these beautiful soapy creations 🙂

  29. Robin Avrett

    Love all the recipes in this book. The essential oil combinations are great. The java and spearmint scrub is a favorite of all my friends. Amanda writes great books and the recipes are superb.


    We love this book. Its the basis for our spa line and our customers love the creations. We have bought most of the books on here and I will say there is not a bad one among them!

  31. Marilou

    Pleased to add this book to my collection. Very informative and the recipes are wonderful. I have made several and each one has turned out great! Family members are enjoying the long lasting bar and the designs from the molds give bars character.

  32. Charlene Haymond

    I love your e-books. You have so much knowledge and truly appreciate you sharing and help fellow soap makers. Thank you!

  33. Michaux Downing

    Love your E-Books!!! The recipes are concise and information relevant. The essential oil blends, lovely! Thank you for assembling such a bounty of information. My first purchase was your men’s skin care book. It is equally helpful. Then got the book bundle. I am excited most excited about the salt bars, as salt is a passion of mine!

  34. Kerry Meier (verified owner)

    I have made soap for many years. This is the first book I have seen that talks about salt bars. I made my first salt bar from the book 6 weeks ago. I am patiently waiting to see how they turn out because I hear a long cure is better. They look beautiful. I can’t wait to try some more recipes.Thank you for the recipes in this book and your other books. I use them frequently.

  35. sylvia shattler (verified owner)

    I bought this e-book to learn the right technique for making salt bars. I previously made salt bars and ended up throwing them out because I was not happy with the outcome. So happy with this purchase, I acquired the proper techniques for salt bars. At first I was a little hesitant about such a high percentage of coconut oil in a soap bar. I decided to try the salt bar with shea butter. After patiently waiting 5 weeks for the cure, I can honestly say I am not disappointed. Absolutely love love these bars. For those of you who are skeptic about making salt bars, this e-book will convince you otherwise. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a spa experience.

  36. Carol S (verified owner)

    I’ve never heard of a salt bar before Amanda introduced me to them. This book is very informative and has easy to follow directions for making the perfect salt bar. My customers love them!

  37. Celeste Gennarakis (verified owner)

    My soap-making journey started with Lovin Soap. I have purchased quite a few eBooks including Making Salt Bars and have learnt so much and it gave me the confidence to try many different types of soaps. This book is really wonderful with beautiful recipes and the soap is amazing! A great soap to add to the inventory!

  38. Emma Jane Molloy (verified owner)

    Absolutely love all Amanda’s books. I’ve made every single bar in this book since getting it and made some modified ones too, using the easy to understand comprehensive information obtained from the book. Perfect for the seasoned soaper, and people just dipping their toes in soap making for the first time. Having three teenagers, our favourite family soap from this book is the charcoal and tea tree spa bar – I always end up making extra for my two nieces too!

  39. Jill Perander

    I’ve made one recipe even though I got the book in 2016. Looking forward to making more and looking forward to the mini book!

  40. Jacqui Mark

    This was the first of Amanda’s books that I bought and now I have them all! Easy to follow recipes that are palm oil free and full of natural ingredients. The Java Coffee Bar is my favourite! I recommend this for all levels of soap making experience.

  41. Murielle (verified owner)

    I love this book!! All recipes are easy to make, with good explanations. My skin loves salt bars 🙂
    I totally recommend this book!!

  42. Elizabeth Harrington (verified owner)

    This is a very thorough guide to making salt bars. Everything from color to fragrance, to additives is included. I am very pleased with this work. There is a huge variety of ingredients, so there is something for everyone. You could use this as a springboard to create your own recipes. I love what they have put together.E

  43. Judy Balsavich

    I love these salt bars! They are amazing, last along time & are some of my best sellers! The Charcoal bar is my men’s line best seller! Get this book! Your customers will thank you!
    SunGold Soaps

  44. tatianabarsanti

    I am extremely happy with this book. It is detailed enough and comprehensive great recipes

  45. Gina Neeson (verified owner)

    I bought this ebook as my new years present. I wanted some more knowledge about salt bars and some inspiring recipes and i have to say this ebook was a great investment. Would definately recommend it.

  46. Shiera

    Love this ebook (and all the other ebooks). Tried one recipe and will try the rest too! ❤️

  47. Eva (verified owner)

    This is a nice book. Well thought out with important details for beginners to advanced soapers. I look forward to trying some of the scent combinations also. Thanks for this Salt focused book!

  48. Debbie (verified owner)

    Very informative. Some really interesting recipes. Salt bars are amazing and so good for the skin!

  49. Debbie (verified owner)

    Im really happy I brought this E book, its very informative right from choosing which oils to use through to colourants and fragrances/essential oils. Perfect for the beginner like myself and great with the photos. Definitely recommend this E book.

  50. Jody Carleton (verified owner)

    I just love this book! Amanda makes learning how to make salt bars easy and fun… even if you haven’t made soap in the past. Giving a quick intro and history into the soap making process, Amanda then moves on to what a salt bar is and why we would want to make/use one. She’ll teach you the basics of making salt bars as well as more advanced techniques with instructions and pictures for each step. Between the recipes that are in this book along with the explanation of choosing different base oils, salts, fragrances and colorants your possibilities are endless. My customers love these salt bars!

  51. Gail Dulgar (verified owner)

    I bought the Salt-Bar book last spring. and I made both the triple-butter and the Argan and Rose Clay Soaps in the spring. I was kind of turned off by the texture of the soap initially, (the salt settled to the bottom of the bars – oops my bad) but after a second go at them and a full 8 weeks cure, they turned into lovely bars.. Now I have friends and family asking when I will make them again, as they want more!

    I’m looking a making another couple of the recipes this spring.. Need to keep surprising them with something new!

  52. Kathleen Butterworth

    Purchased this book and so happy I added it to my collection. I haven’t tried a recipe I didn’t love. Salt bars are long lasting and my skin loves salt bar soap.

  53. Ingrid (verified owner)

    Great comprehensive information on making salt bars. Great recipes. Would definitely recommend.

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