Knowing how to label your handcrafted soap can be a bit daunting! And depending on if you’re selling your soap as simply soap or as a cosmetic, you’ll be governed by different rules!

I can help you determine if you’re labeling is correct or if you need tweaks.

Here’s how it works!

  • Send me your labels!
    • Send me pictures of your soap label (front/back/sides). OR
    • Send me your label design files. OR
    • Send me what you plan to put on your soap label (if you’re still creating it).
  • I will look it over and determine if it fits within’ the guidelines of labeling for soap or cosmetics (we’ll discuss your goals).
  • I will also look over your product descriptions and website copy to make sure you aren’t breaking any guidelines.
  • I’ll email you a report with suggested changes and edits if any are needed.

(U.S. Only as rules vary by country.)