Why go natural?

Let’s first look at how anti-perspirant deodorant works. Anti-perspirant deodorant works by using aluminum compounds to reduce the production of sweat. These compounds aid in plugging up your sweat glands therefore reducing the secretion of “sweat” which is generally water, urea, salt and fatty substances. Sweating is very important in maintaining/regulating body temperature. This process is a natural process of the body. Why stop it?

Antiperspirants go against the body’s natural health maintaining system.

Aluminum compounds are absorbed through the skin and accumulate in the body. Whether or not this contributes to breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease…I can’t say. There are arguments and research that support both sides.

For me personally, I want to let my body use its natural process for regulating body temperature. I’m not okay with built up aluminum in my body whether or not it does contribute to breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.  So let’s make some natural deodorant!

Natural Deodorant Ingredients

Natural Deodorant Recipe:

beeswax – 20 grams
shea butter – 20 grams
baking soda – 20 grams
arrow root powder (or corn starch) – 20 grams
fractionated coconut oil – 10 grams
jojoba oil – 10 grams

You can put your natural deodorant in a variety of containers.  I’ve seen them in tins, lotion bar tubes and deodorant tubes.  I prefer the deodorant tubes from WSP here.

To make the natural deodorant combine the beeswax, shea butter, fractionated coconut oil and jojoba oil in a microwave safe container and melt.  You can also use a double boiler.  While it’s melting measure out your dry ingredients.

After everything is compeltely melted add your dry ingredients and mix well.  You want to move fairly quickly so that your mixture doesn’t start setting up.  Once mixed, add vitamin e and your fragrance.  Quickly pour into your containers and keep uncovered until set.

Some of my favorite scents for this natural deodorant are Baby Powder, Baby Bee Buttermilk, Sweet Pea, Lavender and Herbal.  For the Herbal deodorant I use essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree and Rosemary.  Look for essential oils that have antibacterial properties to give your deodorant an extra punch of odor killing power.

I tried SEVERAL different combos of oils/butters/wax and this is what worked well for me.  If you think the bar is too hard, cut back on the beeswax or add some more soft oils.  If you think it’s to soft then add some more beeswax or solid butters. 

If you’ve been using antiperspirant deodorant you need to give your skin a bit of time to adjust to this all natural deodorant. When I made the switch it seemed like it took about a week for my skin to get used to having clog free sweat glands. Give it a chance! You’ll absolutely love the result and will be satisfied that you’re using a product that is natural and healthy for you!